Why should I read during mealtime?

PrintThere are many good reasons to read to your child during mealtime. Here are my top 10 reasons!

1. To bond with your child.

2. To improve their language skills and expand vocabulary (there is research supporting this)

3. To improve your child’s ability to tell stories (a.k.a. improve narrative skills), answer questions, comment, sequence and ask questions.

4. Discuss important topics such as building self esteem, bullying, healthy eating and much more.

5. Your child will learn to love and appreciate books.

6. It will distract them so they eat their meals.

7. It gives you something to do besides saying “Eat your food”.

8. It makes you feel good knowing that you are doing something very good for your child.

9. It helps you appreciate childrens books and what they could do for your child and family.

10. It can help them in school (for many reasons)

Still think you don’t have time? If you sit with your child during mealtime, everyone is eating anyway, so why not read a book? Can’t afford to buy books? Go to the library! Since we should be reading to our children at least 20 minutes during the day, why not use that time during a meal? Once you start, you will realize how much you and your children enjoy it!