Big Fork Little Fork

I came across this app when browsing around the app store the other day. I wanted to start a section on my website about apps for parents. This particular app attracted me with both its name and description. I downloaded the app (which was free) as well as the Marcus Samuelsson’s recipes as well (it was 99 cents extra). What I love about this app is that it’s organized in a way that’s very easy to navigate. It has many sections including one for picky eaters and adventurous eaters. The food looks appetizing and nutritious. It is divided into various categories such as “cook”, “learn”, “tips”, “watch”, “tools” and “play”. In the “play” section your child can play two games that teaches them how to cook and measure. There are two games to choose from. I like “Berwyn’s Deli” which teaches following directions, measuring, increasing vocabulary, sequencing, and much more. This app is fun for both parent and child!

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