Healthy Cottage Cheese Banana Bread

Do you have any super ripe bananas laying around? Try this cottage cheese banana bread! Don’t have cottage cheese? Substitute with yogurt or a non dairy substitute. I decided to experiment one morning and came up with a super tasty banana bread that is healthy and delicious. Also, using cottage cheese in a banana bread […]

Building Language with LEGOS, a trip to LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Do you want to visit Legoland and work on your child’s language skills?  I grew up playing with Legos and building all types of structures, big and small. Legos are simple toys by themselves but built together can turn into a complex and amazing project! As a parent and therapist I have used Legos for […]

Friendship Circle Presents The Great Bike Giveaway

Do you remember the first time you learned to ride a bike?  Remember the pride and excitement you felt when you received your first bike? I remember my first bike being pink and shiny with a nice little bell on the handlebars! The Great Bike Giveaway will help give children with special needs the same […]

Big Fork Little Fork

I came across this app when browsing around the app store the other day. I wanted to start a section on my website about apps for parents. This particular app attracted me with both its name and description. I downloaded the app (which was free) as well as the Marcus Samuelsson’s recipes as well (it […]

Fruity Peach Tea

I love peach tea but hate all of the sugar or artificial sweeteners. Here is a simple peach iced tea recipe that is slightly sweet but not overpowering. You can modify it however you want with frozen fruit and adjust the nectar and sugar to your liking. This tea feels like a treat when you […]

Cinnamon Apple Iced Tea

I starting making iced tea recently and I love it. The iced tea I made used white tea. I thought for some reason that white tea didn’t have caffeine. Anyway, after a night of not sleeping too well and wondering “Why am I not tired?”, I googled, “white tea” and “caffeine”. Apparently, white tea does […]