Lines that Wiggle, review and author interview

When my son came home one day from his visit at the school library, he was so excited to show me the book he chose, lines that wiggle. When we read this book together, I was immediately drawn to the artistic way that the book was written and illustration. The author, Candace Whitman and illustrator, […]

Women Who March

What better way to celebrate Women’s International Day but a children’s book that celebrates women? When I saw this book, Women Who March on my Twitter feed, I knew that I wanted to review it. Women Who March is a children’s book about the organized 2017 Women’s March that was held on January 21st, 2017 […]

Juma the Giraffe

What makes you special and unique? Baby Juma the Giraffe wonders this when looking at his reflection one day. In the heart warming story of Juma the Giraffe written by Monica Bond and illustrated by Kayla Harren, Juma feels ordinary because he thinks he is like all of the other giraffes. His friend, Upendo likes […]

Exploring Feelings Program: Anxiety Training Manual

  Do you have a child or client with Autism and anxiety?  Exploring Feelings Training Manual is based on Asperger’s expert Dr. Tony Attwood’s Exploring Feelings: Anxiety book. It is a guide for people who want to use the Exploring Feelings materials in group settings with young people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder and high […]

Gravitybread Presents Kevin Diller and Justin Lowe

I am thrilled to present the interview with Kevin Diller and Justin Lowe, creators of the book, Hello My Name is Octicorn. This book was a huge hit in my house for number of reasons. It was engaging, interesting, funny and can teach an important lesson about being different and accepting others. Hello My Name is Octicorn […]

Gravitybread presents Mark Pett

I am excited to present an interview with Mark Pett, the author of one of my favorite books The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes. To check out my review of this book with a suggested lesson plan for teachers, click here. I love this book because it shows children that we can learn from making mistakes […]

Cooking with Mr. C

Learn math in the kitchen! Check out Cooking with Mr. C, a picture book about a math teacher named Mr. C that uses cooking and baking to teach his students fractions and other mathematics concepts. When the main character Scottie, arrived on his first day of fourth grade, he didn’t know what to expect from his […]

Gravitybread presents Sharon Draper

I am honored to present this interview with Sharon Draper, author of Out of my mind, an inspirational and powerful book about a young girl and her journey with communication. To check out my review and links to teacher lessons and resources, click here. What inspired you to write the book, Out of my mind? […]

Gravitybread presents Laura Pedersen

I am excited to present Laura Pedersen, author of Unplugged, Ella Gets Her Family Back. When I was recently shopping a small book shop with creaky floors (I love creaky bookstores), I found Laura’s book, Unplugged Ella Gets Her Family Back. I immediately read through it and loved it. Laura brings up some real issues in […]

Gravitybread presents Julia Cook

I am thrilled to present an interview with Julia Cook, a children’s book author that I admire for her great work. I appreciate her dedication and passion for making children’s literature a tool to help children with varying needs and difficult situations including anxiety, ADHD, behavior issues, depression, social communication disorders and many other important topics. […]

The Letter

Are you looking for a book to help boost your child’s self esteem?  The author of this book, The Letter by N.D. Byma contacted me regarding his children’s book, titled The Letter. From his email, I could tell how passionate he was about his book and the impact he wanted it to have on children when […]

Gravitybread presents Olive Senior

I am happy to present the author of Anna Carries Water, Olive Senior. I really enjoyed the book, Anna Carries Water because it can teach our children about different cultures, customs and appreciation for the most basic things that many children and adults take for granted. To check out my review and sample questions to […]

Gravitybread presents Monica Wellington

Do you want to teach your child a different language? How about expose his or her to artwork in Paris with a fun and engaging app? I  am excited to present children’s book writer and illustrator, Monica Wellington. Monica is a talented author and illustrator with over 40 books in print including Crêpes by Suzette and Colors […]

Gravitybread presents Tanya Lee Stone

I am excited to present Tanya Lee Stone, the author of Who Says Women Can’t Be Doctors? I asked Tanya some questions about Who Says Women Can’t Be Doctors? and how she got the inspiration to empower children through literature. I hope that you will find her responses helpful in inspiring your own children at […]

Gravitybread presents Maria Dismondy

Does your child have empathy and appreciation for others? Check out my interview with Maria Dismondy and her tips on how to help your child develop a better sense of empathy through book reading with her book, The Potato Chip Champ. Maria Dismondy is an award winning children’s book author who has also written many other […]

Gravitybread presents Jim Forgan, PhD

I am happy to present an interview with Jim Forgan, PhD., author of Terrific Teddy’s Excessive Energy.  Dr. Jim Forgan is a licensed School Psychologist in Jupiter, Florida which is in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Dr. Forgan has two children and he understands giftedness, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADD/ADHD from the parent and professional perspective.  He specializes in […]

Gravitybread presents Stephanie Sorkin

I am happy to present an interview with Stephanie Sorkin, author of two children’s books that are favorites of mine at home. Stephanie’s first children’s book Nutley, the Nut Free Squirrel is about a squirrel that has a nut allergy. Her second book, Chocolate Shoes with Licorice Laces is about a boy that was sent […]

Gravitybread Presents Geraldine Moran

Have you ever wondered how to create your own app? How about your own therapy app? I asked Geraldine Moran, a fellow speech language pathologist some questions about how she created her app, Actions in Video and any plans for the future!  To see my review of Actions in Video, click here. To check out […]

Gravitybread presents Elizabeth Sautter

I  am thrilled to present Elizabeth Sautter, co author of Whole Body Listening Larry at School and Whole Body Listening Larry at Home. Elizabeth is a speech language pathologist who is also the co-director/co-owner of Communication Works (, a private practice in Oakland, California, offering speech, language, social, and occupational therapy. Elizabeth is also the author of a […]

Gravitybread presents Peter Reynolds

I am excited to present Peter Reynolds, best selling author and illustrator of some of my favorite children’s books including Ish, Rose’s Garden, I’m Here and The Dot. When I first read The Dot by Peter Reynolds, I was blown away by the inspirational message it sent to both the reader and the child. Each of […]

Gravitybread presents Roni Schotter

I am thrilled to present Roni Schotter, an award-winning author of 29 books for children (one more to come in 2016), including picture books and story picture books for middle readers, as well as middle-grade and young adult novels. I recently reviewed her book, The Boy Who Loved Words and wanted to ask her some questions about the […]

Do you want to teach your child a second language?

Do you want to teach your child a second language? I am happy to present a guest post from Tim Johnson, author of The Adventures of Bosley, the Language Bear books. He has written a series of dual language books to help young children learn a second language through dual storytelling. I reviewed his book, […]

Gravitybread presents Antoinette Portis

I am extremely proud and honored to present this interview with Antoinette Portis, the best selling author and illustrator of Not A Box and Not A Stick. I am very passionate about children’s literature and really appreciate books that encourage a child to “think outside the box”. Being a person who regularly “thinks outside the box”, […]

Gravitybread presents Kari Dunn Buron

I am proud and excited to present Kari Dunn Buron, author of When My Worries Get Too Big, A Relaxation Book for Children Who Live with Anxiety. The second edition has just been released this year and provides additional carryover activities. Kari Dunn Buron taught in K-12 with students on the autism spectrum for 30+ […]

Gravitybread Presents Rebecca Dudley

I am very happy to present Rebecca Dudley, author of Hank Finds An Egg. This beautiful magical book has had quite an impact on my little ones. I loved this story because it showed without words how meaningful it is to help others in need.It also helped my own children problem solve different ways of […]

Gravitybread Presents Zachariah OHora

I am thrilled to present award winning illustrator and author Zachariah OHora. I recently reviewed his book, No Fits for Nilson which was a major hit in my house. We recently saw his book again at the library and my daughter was super excited to see his book on display. I love Zach’s responses below […]

Gravitybread presents Cindy Springsteen

I recently reviewed a book written by Cindy Springsteen named Waffles and Pancakes. I love the book because it teaches a very valuable lesson. I found the book an excellent way to begin discussing how money does not define us and cannot buy us happiness. The people who are “rich” in my opinion, are the […]

Gravitybread presents Nancy Sathre Vogel…

After reading Changing Gears, A Family’s Odyssey to the End of the World, I had some questions for Nancy. The book was quite moving and I wanted to ask her how her experience changed the family and how the boys are doing now. Nancy is quite an inspiration for anyone who wants to go out […]

Gravitybread presents Barbara Seuling…….

Meet Barbara Seuling, author of Drip! Drop! How Water Gets in Your Tap. She is a  former children’s book editor and the author and/or illustrator of more than sixty books.  Below are my questions and her responses which you should find very interesting in helpful when it comes to teaching  children about water conservation. 1. […]

Meet Salina Yoon, Author of Penguin and Pinecone

When I first read Penguin and Pinecone to my children, my heart nearly melted. It was such a sweet story that was both engaging and well illustrated. I reached out to Salina Yoon, author of Penguin and Pinecone.  I wanted to ask her some questions about what inspired her to write this beautiful story. I […]

Meet Cheri Meiners, M. Ed., Author of the Series “Learning to Get Along”

I have the extreme pleasure and honor of interviewing Cheri Meiners, M. Ed. , author of the excellent series, “Learning to Get Along“. I first saw her books on Amazon about a year ago when looking for a good book on “telling the truth”. When I began introducing these books to my children, they enjoyed […]

Meet Leo Landry, Author of Space Boy

I am excited to post this interview with Leo Landry. I think both children and parents can learn a lot from Leo’s responses to my questions. I think we all need quiet time for ourselves and should never lose our imagination. See my review here. Below are my questions and then responses from Leo. Thank you […]

Meet Michael Wright, Author of “Jake Goes Peanuts”

Michael Wright is one of my favorite children book authors. He is humorous, witty and very artistic. When I came across “Jake Goes Peanuts” I immediately brought it home to read to my children. See my post here.  His other books are equally humorous and engaging. When reading “Jake Starts School”, I started laughing out […]

Meet Leslie Muir, author of “Little Bitty Bakery”

I LOVE the book, The Little Bitty Bakery. I decided to contact Leslie Muir and ask her some questions that I had regarding her love for sweets and the secret behind Crumble Jumble Cake. I was very confident that she would give my readers some helpful input on getting kids more involved in the kitchen. Check […]

Gravitybread Presents Adam Rubin

I was fortunate to be able to interview Adam Rubin, the author of one of my favorite books, “Dragons Love Tacos”. See my review here. Adam is a witty, clever and engaging author.  Check out his website at He is also the author of “Those Darn Squirrels!”, “Those Darn Squirrels and the Cat Next […]

Meet Melanie Potock, Producer of “Dancing in the Kitchen”

After writing the post, “Dancing in the Kitchen” I decided to contact Melanie Potock and ask her specific questions regarding her successful CD and what inspired her to produce “Dancing in the Kitchen”.   Upon listening to her CD, I was very confident that she would have inspiring and interesting information for parents.  I wanted to […]