Teaching Children with Autism about Character Perspective

As a member of the International Literacy Association, I enjoy receiving articles about literacy and evidence based strategies that are practical and interesting. In the latest journal of The Reading Teacher, July/August 2018, I gravitated towards the article titled, Understanding Character Perspective: Strategies to Support Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Elizabeth G. Finnegan and […]

Improve Your Child’s Language and Learning in 20 Minutes

Do you want to improve your child’s language and learning in 20 minutes? Since beginning my website in 2012, I have become passionate about learning different literacy strategies to improve read alouds with my children. These skills have also helped me as a speech language pathologist and children’s book author. This eBook that I wrote […]

How Jottings Can Help your Child plus an Author Interview

I recently read an article in The Reading Teacher titled, Jottings: An Approach to Guided Reading in the Elementary Classroom (March/April 2018) written by Jennifer A Knight and Hilary A Justesen that immediately caught my eye. As a parent and a speech language pathologist, I am very interested in discovering new ways to encourage critical thinking for […]

Using The Think Aloud Strategy with Dr. Molly Ness

I wonder…I think…I like that…I feel…. Do you want to help build your child’s language during read alouds? Try the Think Aloud strategy! As a speech language pathologist and parent, I am always searching for any new evidence based strategies that can help a child improve language and literacy skills during read alouds. I recently […]

The Link Between Physical Activity and Better Academic Performance

Recently, I read an article in the newspaper that stated children are better at using technology then tying their shoes. It also said that children know how to use computer games better than riding bikes. Reading these statements, I can easily find them sad, but true. Having children growing up in this world of technology […]

How Does Technology Affect Face to Face Communication?

How does technology affect our face to face communication? As a speech language pathologist, communication is a great interest of mine. With the dramatic increase in technology in the past five to ten years, how is this affecting our conversations and ability to communicate face to face? The technology I am referring to in this […]

Television and Language Development

As a parent and an SLP, I am interested in understanding the relationship between television and language development. Learning from the research helps me make better choices with regards to being a parent and when training other parents of young children. I read an interesting article titled “The Relationship Between Television and Language Development” by Jessica M […]

Expanding Vocabulary During Storytime

Would you like to expand your child’s vocabulary? When I am reading aloud, I will often define a word as I am reading it. Many times, I will provide visual cues to go with unfamiliar words so the child can get a “picture” in their mind of the word.  With regard to vocabulary expansion, I am […]

Screen Time and how it affects social skills…

Does your child spend too much time on the screen? As a parent, I constantly feel torn with screen time and how to monitor it. What are the effects of too much screen time? I found an interesting study titled Five Days at outdoor education camp without screens improves preteen skills with nonverbal emotion cues […]

Video Modeling and Individuals with Autism..what the research says…

Do have a specific behavior that you would like to improve with your child? Try video modeling! Research from the last three decades states the benefits of utilizing video modeling for children with Autism. Video modeling is also effective for other varying disorders, specifically those that impact pragmatic and expressive disorders (e.g. ADHD, Social Communication Disorder, […]

How To Motivate Your Child To Read

A couple of weeks ago, I began searching for an article that can help give me insight into motivation and reading. What motivates our children to read for pleasure?” As a child, reading was always a fun activity for me. I loved story time, book clubs and always had a book in my hand from the […]

Verbal Responsiveness and Children with Autism

I recently read an interesting article titled Fathers and Mothers Verbal Responsiveness and the Language Skills of Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Michelle Flippin and Linda R. Watson. This article examined the interactions of 16 young children with Autism and their parents and investigated the differences in verbal responsiveness used by fathers and […]

Echolalia: Research and Tips for Parents

I wanted to write an article about echolalia because I think it is something that affects many families of children with special needs. I found an excellent article which I discuss below that can help caregivers elicit more spontaneous speech with their child, specifically during mealtime. What is echolalia? Echolalia is the repetition of sentences, […]

Being Kind: Research and a Children’s Book Review

What is kindness and how do we teach this to our children? I think it’s life experiences, relationships and our environment that affect a person’s ability to show their inherent kindness to others. I believe some children are born with more of a kind and compassionate nature and others need to learn that kindness as […]

Using Co-Speech Gestures to Build Language During Storytime

Do you have a child with an early language delay? Would you like to learn a new strategy that can help your child learn new vocabulary? Try using co-speech gestures! I found an interesting article written by Nina Capone Singleton and Jessica Saks (2015) titled Co-Speech Gesture Input as a Support for Language Learning in […]

Sensory Issues and Mealtime… What the research says…..

Do you have a child with sensory issues? Does it affect what he or she eats during mealtime? For Research Tuesday, I decided to take a further look at how sensory issues affects mealtime. I would like to share an article written in June 2011, titled Association of Sensory Processing and Eating Problems in Children with […]

Colored Overlays and Reading Speed for Children with Autism

Do you have a child with Autism? How about a child with language based learning disability? Would you like to check out a low cost and easy accessible strategy to improve reading with your child? Try a colored overlay!  What are colored overlays? They are “transparent colored plastic sheet that can be placed over printed […]

How Canine-Assisted Reading Can Help Your Child

Do you have a struggling reader at home? Are you a teacher that is looking for a new and creative way to help your students with their reading skills? How about trying to increase your child’s confidence in their reading abilities? Check out how Canine Assisted Reading can help your child or student. For this month […]

Reading and Intellectual Disabilities: What the research says…..

For this month of Research Tuesday, I wanted to share a research article that discusses reading instruction with children diagnosed with an Intellectual Disability (ID). In my many years as a speech language pathologist, I have seen many children and adults diagnosed with ID who struggle with reading for several different reasons (e.g. never received […]

Read it Again! How Repeated Book Readings Can Help Your Child

Do you have a young child that loves a specific picture book and wants you to read it again and again? Although reading the same book over and over again can be repetitive for us as parents, repeated book reading has proved to help improve a child’s language and literacy development. Do you want to […]

Tips on Facilitating Book Reading with Your Child with ADHD

For this month of Research Tuesday, I wanted to share an article about ADHD and reading aloud. Many people assume that when you have ADHD, you have trouble paying attention to most or all activities, but that is simply not true. Many children with ADHD can focus very well on specific activities, especially when it’s […]

How to Help Your Child Retell A Story

Does your child retell stories after you are finished reading the book? Why is this skill so important? It helps build language skills! What does the research say? I read an interesting article titled, Children’s Story Retelling as a Literacy and Language Enhancement Strategy. The study performed a meta analysis of 11 studies including 687 […]

Reading Picture Books using the Common Core Curriculum

Do you have a child that is preschool age or in kindergarten? How about just beginning 1st grade? Do you want to help carry over some skills that your child is learning in the classroom? Do it when reading books to your child! These standards are for kindergarten but can be worked on with a […]

What is the best method when reading to your child?

Do you read a picture book and have your child simply listen or do you read the book and get your children involved in the book? The first article I chose named Relative Effectiveness of Dialogic, Interactive Book Reading and Shared Book Reading Interventions defines and discusses three types of reading interventions. These interventions are named Dialogic, […]

Prevent Summer Reading Regression! See what the research says….

Summer is a great time for children to relax and have fun. It’s a wonderful break from school, homework, etc. However, what effect does it have on a young child to take two entire months off from reading and writing? With the summer now in full swing, I wanted to discuss a couple of articles on […]

What style is best when reading to your preschooler?

Do you want to help your child learn how to read? Use a print referencing style when reading aloud to your child. According to research, young children spend less than 6% of read aloud time looking at print unless an adult deliberately highlights print for them (Williams & Pursoo, 2008). According to Justice et al., 2008, […]

What picture books are best for toddlers? A research study….

What are the best books to choose for your toddler? I wanted to explore iconicity in pictures as related to toddlers. What is iconicity? Iconicity is the degree of similarity between a picture and a  real object.  A highly iconic picture is the actual photograph of the object. A less iconic symbol might be a black […]

E-books or Print Books? What is Best for Your Child?

E-books or print books? What is best for your child in terms of related conversation, literacy, and story comprehension? I have pondered this question myself many times because e- books are so easily accessible today and there are so many to chose from! I have always gravitated towards print books because I love the experience […]

When Should You Start Reading To Your Child?

At what age is it optimal for parents to begin reading to their children? Birth? Six Months old? The objective of the article  Effects of shared parent-infant book reading on early language acquisition, was to examine at what age shared reading begins to impact later emergent literacy skills. We know that reading to your child helps […]

Read To Your Child With Expression! Here Is Why….

Do you want to improve your child’s language and comprehension during book reading time? Do you read to your child in a lively, expressive way? Reading with expression and emotion can make a significant difference in your child’s ability to comprehend and recall information during book reading time. Since many preschoolers are not literate yet, […]