Matzo 35 Recipes for Passover and All Year Long

Are you looking for some interesting and modern Passover recipes? How about some Matzo recipes that you can make all year long? If you do, check out this inventive and beautifully illustrated cookbook, Matzo 35 Recipes for Passover and All Year Long. Do you want to learn about the family that makes the best Matzo? […]

The Year of the Dog

Are you looking for an engaging chapter book that will help empower your daughter? Check out this book, The Year of the Dog by Grace Lin. I wanted to share this book as part of The Parent and Daughter Book Club for Girls, an organization that has a mission to empower young girls and […]

Ava’s Adventure

Ava’s Adventure by Laura Pedersen is about a young girl who overcomes her disappointment and learns an important lesson when her parents won’t pay for an upcoming trip with a friend. Ava wants desperately to go with her friend Lucas on a snowboarding trip. Her parents can’t let her go because it is too expensive and […]

Gravitybread presents Laura Pedersen

I am excited to present Laura Pedersen, author of Unplugged, Ella Gets Her Family Back. When I was recently shopping a small book shop with creaky floors (I love creaky bookstores), I found Laura’s book, Unplugged Ella Gets Her Family Back. I immediately read through it and loved it. Laura brings up some real issues in […]

Unplugged: Ella Gets Her Family Back

Do you have a hard time unplugging from your screen? How about your kids? Like most families, I struggle with technology and trying to figure out, “When is too much?”. Whether it’s the TV, computer, iPad, iPhone or other electronic device, they can all take time away from the present moment. As a blogger, I can admit […]

The Family Book

Do you want to teach your child all about different families? My 6 year old daughter is learning all about different families in her class and I wanted to read the appropriate book at mealtime to reinforce what she learning in class. The Family Book was the perfect book to choose! I have always been […]

How To Cheer Up Dad

Do you have a very active child that is always getting themselves in trouble due to their mischievous ways? You will love this book, How To Cheer Up Dad by Fred Kochler. This book is a sweet and funny tale of an elephant named Little Jumbo and his dad. Little Jumbo is getting in trouble […]

Books that Teach the Concept of Hard Work and Generosity

Are you looking for picture books that will help teach your child the concept of hard work and generosity? It is tough for many children to appreciate and understand the concept of hard work, especially at a young age. However, these books begin to help a child understand these very important concepts that can be […]

The Little Red Racing Car

If my husband and I ever wrote a children’s book together, it would be very similar to The Little Red Racing Car. The Little Red Racing Car is a memorable and emotional story of an old vintage car (the Maserati 300S) and legendary racing driver Sir Stirling Moss. This car was shiny, beautiful and very fast until […]

Is There Really A Human Race?

Do you feel like you are your family are always moving at light speed? I know that I feel like that often with my own family. Always running around and not really stopping to smell the roses or just enjoy the moment.  Sometimes it feels like it’s all about being productive, going from here to […]