Creativity Fun: Kitchen

Creativity Fun: Kitchen will keep you and your child busy for hours. This book is full of fun activities to do with your child including coloring, cutting, gluing and lots of stickers. Creativity Fun Kitchen is geared towards food and cooking in the kitchen. I have been working on this book with my daughter every […]

Gravitybread Presents Adam Rubin

I was fortunate to be able to interview Adam Rubin, the author of one of my favorite books, “Dragons Love Tacos”. See my review here. Adam is a witty, clever and engaging author.  Check out his website at He is also the author of “Those Darn Squirrels!”, “Those Darn Squirrels and the Cat Next […]

Apples for Everyone

I bought “Apples for Everyone” (ages 4 and up) at Barnes and Noble the other day. What attracted me most to this particular book were the photographs (it’s made by National Geographic Kids so I wouldn’t expect anything less than fantastic) and its accurate descriptions of how apples grow and where they come from. I […]

Jake Goes Peanuts

I came across “Jake Goes Peanuts” (preschool to Grade 1) the other day at the library. After reading a couple of pages, I decided to take it home to read during lunch with my kids. The book is funny, silly and has a very important message. It’s about a boy named Jake who only eats […]

Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin is a fun and entertaining book that will make your kids laugh and learn all about tacos. The book starts off describing what type of tacos dragons love and why they love tacos so much. Dragons Love Tacos describes how dragons do not like spicy toppings, specifically spicy salsa. The […]

Why Should I Eat Well?

“Why Should I Eat Well?” (ages 4 and up) is an educational and engaging book about a girl named Monica who makes a new friend (Rachel) who has a very healthy diet. Monica doesn’t eat well because she constantly eats food with a lot of sugar and fat. During mealtime, I am always trying to […]

One Lonely Sea Horse

  “One Lonely Sea Horse”  by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers (ages 3 and up) is a beautiful story about a sea horse named Bea. She is very sad that she doesn’t have any friends in the sea. This book takes you through a journey in the sea where she makes underwater friends as each […]

Growing Vegetable Soup

  Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert (ages 4 and up) is one of my favorite books to use for both therapy and at home with my children. I love that it is told in a very simple way for a child to understand but at the same time exposes them to all different vocabulary […]

Little Bitty Bakery

 Little Bitty Bakery (which is appropriate for ages 2 and up) written by Leslie Muir and illustrated by Betsy Lewin is a sweet story of an elephant baker who is so busy baking that she doesn’t have time to make her own birthday cake. She goes to sleep sad because she had no time to […]

How are you Peeling?

“How are you Peeling?”  (ages 4 and up) is a fun and educational book to read during mealtime. The photography is fascinating and the colors are vibrant.    The book focuses on emotions and asks many questions to the reader which helps facilitate conversation.  It discusses many emotions that are not very basic such as […]

Ask Mr. Bear

There are certain books that are timeless and this is one of them. This book was originally published in 1932. This book is about about a little boy who is seeking a birthday present for his mother. He visits many animals along his way and each animal offers him something but what he winds up […]

Bear’s Birthday

Stella Blackstone is one of my favorite children’s authors. She writes simple and beautiful books. The illustration in her books are absolutely beautiful and bring the story to life. This book happens to be especially special because this past week was my daughter’s birthday. We read this book many times over and over again. The […]


  When I first saw Chopsticks by Amy Krause Rosenthal (ages 4 and up),  I was so excited to read it to my daughter because she loves chopsticks. She finds them very fascinating and fancy. She always wants to try them out when I am eating sushi for dinner. This book is about a pair […]

20 minutes a day

Everybody is very busy in today’s world.  However, taking 20 critical minutes each day to read to you child is very important for several reasons. Reading can help you bond with your child as well as improve their language and develop early literacy skills. It can help with their listening skills and prepare them for […]