Apple Cider Scones

Nothing says fall more than apple cider. I had a pint of apple cider in the fridge and decided to use it for these scones. I used spiced apple cider but the scones can be used with any apple cider (I would stay away from apple juice with this recipe). Apple cider has such a […]

Pumpkin Butter

Looking for a good recipe that you can give as gifts for the holiday? I found a recipe for pumpkin butter here that I really liked but made some changes based on what I had in my fridge. This pumpkin butter is absolutely delicious and great for the holidays coming up. Pumpkin butter is perfect […]

Sweet Potato Granola

What better way to start the day than with sweet crunchy granola? I had a sweet potato in my fruit bowl and wanted to do something creative with it. The granola took very little time to prepare and came out crunchy, slightly sweet and perfect in oatmeal or on yogurt. For the full recipe and […]

Apple Chips

Your only regret making these chips is that you didn’t make enough! These chips do take a long time to crisp up but are worth every bite when finished. I now understand why the apple chips are so expensive at the market! These apple chips are super easy to make but need some time in […]

Dairy Free Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Your kids will never know that they are getting their veggie intake when eating this Chocolate Zucchini Cake. The cake is moist, sweet and rich. I discovered this recipe when looking for a good dairy free brownie recipe. I found this recipe and modified it to my preferences. I decided to add some canola oil […]

Almond Apple Cake

This almond apple cake is to die for! After our annual apple picking day, my mother in law was craving apple cake. We decided to make this cake together. I remembered seeing this amazing recipe for apple cake on The Kitchn. I thought for sure that I had yogurt at home but all I had […]

Mixed Berry Scones

Craving a sweet treat in the morning? These scones are super easy, a breeze to do in the food processor (which makes minimum clean up) and can be easily modified depending on your personal tastes, allergies, etc. I used fresh berries but can be easily substituted with frozen berries. If you are using frozen berries, […]

Blueberry Yogurt Scones

Have some blueberries and extra yogurt in the fridge? Don’t have any fresh blueberries, use frozen! Usually scones are made with cream but I decided to make them healthier by substituting non fat vanilla yogurt. These scones are also half wheat which can give an extra fiber boost. This recipe works best when using thinner […]

Overnight Quinoa Flour Pancakes

Do you want to add some extra protein in your diet? Do you have a child that needs more protein during breakfast? Try these pancakes for breakfast one day. The pancakes are super flat and almost resemble crepes. Quinoa flour has a distinct taste so I decided to mix in whole wheat flour to balance […]

Roasted Carrot Bread

What is better than carrot bread? Roasted carrot bread! I bought the most gorgeous carrots at the farmers market over the weekend and really wanted to use them wisely. Roasting brings out the carrot’s natural sweetness. The bread is sweet, earthy, full of flavor and very moist. It’s a great bread to make for the […]

Kefir Zucchini Pancakes

Add some veggies to your breakfast with this pancake recipe. I bought some really nice zucchini from the farmers market and decide to use one zucchini for these pancakes. They are super healthy too with the whole wheat flour, wheat germ and Kefir. The zucchini is pretty hidden so your kids will eat these up […]

Stone Fruit Butter

I had some peaches and apricots in the fruit bowl that were super ripe and a bit too soft for eating. I wanted to make something special for my son’s teachers so I decided to make stone fruit butter. The butter came out sweet, thick, full of summer flavor and had a nice smooth texture. […]

Stone Fruit Scones

  Do you love stone fruit? I love all sorts of stone fruit such as peaches, apricots, plum and pluots. What better way to use them, but in a scone. I love adding fresh fruit to my scones because they add fresh flavor and nutrition. I personally like my scones more on a cakey side […]

Marble Pound Cake

Does it seem like the middle of the summer is not an ideal time for marble pound cake? I might agree but we all still crave some comfort food once in a while even when it’s a bit hot outside.  This pound cake is yummy for breakfast or dessert. It’s even better the next day […]

Peach Vanilla Jam

Peaches are ripe now and in season so it’s a perfect time to make Peach Jam. I am loving my jam maker and the creativity that goes into making jam. The recipe below is for my jam maker but if you don’t have a jam maker, check out this link to make the jam on […]

White Bean Chocolate Chip Cookies

  Do your kids love chocolate chip cookies? Do you want to add more fiber and protein to their diet? Try these white bean cookies and your kids will eat them up and get fiber and protein at the same time. These cookies are sweet, soft and “cakey”. Why combine beans in cookies? Well, I […]

Sweet Lemon, Basil and Mascarpone Pancakes

Love basil? I love the combination of lemon and basil and happened to have some mascarpone cheese that I wanted to use in the fridge. These pancakes are perfect to serve as a special breakfast for guests or just for a simple breakfast with your family. My kids loved these pancakes and weren’t at all […]

Ginger Pear Jam

Have any ripe pears? Like jam? I made this super yummy ginger pear jam after trying to rack my brain for a creative way to use up the rest of my extremely ripe pears. I own the Ball Automatic Jam Maker which I use pretty often. My husband thought I was a bit off the […]

Vegan Chocolate Muffins

Are you vegan? Is your child vegan? Ran out of eggs? In either case, you would love these chocolate vegan muffins if you are craving something sweet with a hint of chocolate. These are similar to my vegan pancakes but I adjusted the recipe to make muffins. The recipe only yields 6 muffins but feel […]

Dairy Free Blueberry Chia Muffins

Are you or your child on a dairy free diet? The muffins are made using coconut milk yogurt and soy milk (almond milk can be substituted). The muffins are packed with goodness including chia seeds and an added boost of blueberries. They are moist, sweet and filling. They are made out of white whole wheat […]

Ginger Scake (a cross between a cake and a scone)

Do you like scones? Do you like cake? If you like both, you will like my scake. What is a scake? It’s something that is a cross between a scone and a cake (I made up this word). I love ginger so I loaded it up with both ground ginger and grated ginger.  When watching […]

Strawberry Yogurt Waffles

Have extra strawberries and yogurt in the fridge? Try these strawberry yogurt waffles. These waffles are also a great way to add some extra fruit into your child’s diet. The waffles can easily be made into pancakes if you don’t have a waffle iron. They are also really healthy because they are made with white […]

Pea Pancakes

Like peas? Like ricotta? Try these savory pancakes for dinner with a protein. They are great on their own or with a dipping sauce. Even if your child doesn’t like peas but likes ricotta cheese, they will eat these up. They are also a great way of getting more veggies in at dinnertime. The pancakes […]

Vegan Chocolate Pancakes for Two

Looking for a satisfying recipe that is vegan? Are you out of eggs? Either one of those options could be something that will inspire you to try this recipe. I have been playing around with dairy free and vegan recipes lately due to a change in diet with my own child. I am a big […]

Ricotta Pancakes

  Have any extra ricotta cheese left over in the fridge? Use it for pancakes! I had a whole container of ricotta cheese in my fridge which I had planned to use for lasagna. Never got around to the lasagna, so I wanted to use it in my breakfast instead. I love the taste of […]

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Muffins

‘ Looking for a good GF recipe for your little ones? These muffins have a nice texture and are super moist. The mini chips give them some extra sweetness. Make these into mini muffins for an easy snack or breakfast. Have your child help with the measuring and adding the chips. The base of the […]

Carrot Quinoa Muffins

The other day before work, I picked up a quinoa muffin from Grand Central Station. It looked dry but figured I would give it a shot. It was like tasting a cotton ball. I decided to try to make my own quinoa muffins but make them super moist and satisfying. If you add the right […]

Gluten Free Kefir Pancakes

Are you on a gluten free diet and have Kefir in the fridge? I have been making some significant progress with my gluten free baking and am happy to say that these pancakes came out super delicious. They were moist, sweet and filling. The pancakes were perfect with some maple syrup on top (and bacon […]

Banana Chia Muffins

Have you tried chia seeds? They are not just for Chia Pets! Chia seeds are super healthy for you and can give your baked good some added extra nutrition. They also have Omega 3’s and fiber which will help you feel fuller for a bit longer as well as your hungry little ones.  The bonus […]

Mascarpone Chocolate Waffles

Want dessert for breakfast? I had some leftover mascarpone cheese in the fridge and decided to make a decadent breakfast one morning. Mascarpone cheese is such a wonderful ingredient because it can compliment desserts, sauces and much more. I often mix it in to my red sauce to make it creamy and delicious.  With this […]

Passover Yogurt Pancakes

I made these Passover Yogurt Pancakes this morning when craving something “bready”. After some days on my Passover diet, I needed some hearty pancakes for breakfast. I observe Passover but I am not super strict so you may have to adjust the ingredients depending on how strict you are. Look for the seal to be […]

Graham Cracker Butter

Love graham crackers? Make graham cracker butter! This butter is sweet, creamy and super delicious in oatmeal, on crackers or even in a crepe. I combined a bunch of different flavors together but feel free to adjust to your own taste. I am a big fan of biscoff, speculoos spread and cookie butter so this […]

Overnight Nut Free Mondel Bread

I love chocolate chip mondel bread both for Passover or any day! Unfortunately, this recipe you will need to save for after Passover but I do have a great Mondel Bread recipe for Passover here. I wanted to make a nut free mondel bread that would be good for breakfast or a snack. It’s also […]

Puffin Biscotti

I decided to venture one morning into making one of my favorite cereals into a biscotti. Why? Well, I do love biscotti but wanted to make a healthier version by swapping the flours with half whole wheat, substituting canola oil with vegetable oil, adding puffins and then my own favorite flavors. The biscotti came out […]

Gluten Free Pound Cake

I saw this Pound Cake recipe on the back of a Bob’s Red Mill product. I figured, “Why not?”. My daughter and I baked this recipe together one afternoon. The cake came out sweet, buttery and very satisfying. I wouldn’t say it tastes exactly like standard pound cake but has its own unique flavor. What […]

30 Minute Whole Wheat Waffles

Have some wheat germ and whole wheat flour on hand? Have an extra 30 minutes in the morning? I found an interesting recipe on that got very good reviews and wanted to try it myself. I tend to stick with whole wheat flour so decided to give this waffle a healthy makeover by substituting […]

Butter Bean Cake

Have a can of butter beans in your cabinet? I picked up a can at my market this past week and thought, “Why not?” If I can add some goodness to a treat for my kids, why not experiment? My daughter and I created this recipe based all on instinct. I didn’t know what to […]

Apple Bran Muffins

Want to start off your day feeling good? These muffins are full of fiber and whole grains. My whole family enjoyed these muffins which makes it great for both grown ups and kids. They are sweet, hearty and satisfying. Letting the batter sit for 15 minutes on the counter makes them really moist. You can […]

Black Bean Brownies

Would you like to add some protein and fiber into a sweet treat? Try these black bean brownies. The brownies are sweet, moist, light and fudgy. I always try to add some nutritional goodness into whatever treat I am making. I got the original recipe here from Melissa d’Arabian. I adjusted the recipe a bit […]

Puffin Scones

Love Puffins? Love scones? Make these healthy sweet scones for the family on a nice snowy morning (or any other morning for that fact). I love Puffins and wanted to incorporate them into my scone recipe. The result was a sweet, crumby scone with an earthy taste. The cinnamon glaze on top gives it that […]


I have been on a quest for the ultimate rugelach recipe for many years now. For anyone who doesn’t know what rugelach is, it’s a bite size cookie made with a cream cheese dough that is filled with nuts, jam, and/or dried fruit. It is a traditional Jewish pastry served on holidays. Each time I […]

Kefir Chocolate Chip Pancakes

What better way to start off a snowy morning than with chocolate chip pancakes? I wanted to give these pancakes an extra boost of nutrition with the Kefir. The pancakes turned out moist, sweet and delicious. They are filling, so no need for a snack an hour later!  The mini chips add great texture and […]

Low Fat Carrot Bread

Who knew that carrots and dried plums (a.k.a. prunes) can go so well together? I accidentally ordered four packages of carrots instead of one when grocery shopping online. I enjoy steaming my carrots so I have an easy vegetable to give my kids with their meal or eat myself for a snack. After both myself […]

Apple Butter

I never knew what apple butter was until I was an adult and started apple picking in upstate New York. I love apple butter on toast, muffins, waffles, pancakes or even french toast. It is sweet, smooth and delicious on so many different types of food. It is also very easy to make. Since this […]

Overnight Kefir Muffins

I had some leftover Lowfat Plain Kefir in my fridge and wanted to use it. I love the health benefits of Kefir and wanted to incorporate it into a baked good. I recently made apple butter and had some diced plums on hand which I wanted to use as well. These muffins came out moist, […]

Wheat Germ Pancakes

I made these pancakes on a whim one morning when on a quest for something healthy, hearty and sweet for breakfast. These pancakes are super healthy and taste sweet and slightly crunchy. The key to a slight crunch is placing the already cooked pancakes in the oven on a very low temperature while you are […]

Rustic Apple Tart

I wanted to make something special for the holidays and decided to make this rustic apple tart. I didn’t want to make a standard apple pie and loved the rustic look of this apple tart. I made it the day before and warmed it the day of the holiday. The apple tart was sweet, satisfying […]

Rice Krispies Fun

Who need electronics and toys when you have a Rice Krispies Box? I remember as a child always looking on the back of cereal boxes while I ate my cereal and looking forward to getting the prize inside the box. I forgot the joys of the cereal box when surrounded by so many choices of […]

Puffin Waffles

Puffins Cereal is one of my favorite breakfast cereals. It is healthy, crunchy, sweet and great by itself or with milk. I figured that if Puffins were great by themselves, they would be perfect in some waffles. I stuffed as much puffins as I could in my small Cuisinart food processor and ground them up […]

Pumpkin Oat Scones

I love pumpkin scones, especially when the leaves are falling and the weather is getting cooler outside. They are sweet, a little crumby and moist inside. The icing on top makes them super special. These scones are easy to make with your kids on a weekend morning. The scones are pretty big so your kids […]

Wheat Germ Granola Bars

I have been making these bars for years and wanted to share them with my readers. They are healthy,  easily modified, and  ideal for a quick breakfast or a snack. They store well in an airtight container (after cooled) and freeze well. They are a cinch to make and can be enjoyed by Mommy and […]

Banana Flaxseed Pancakes

When the weather gets cold outside, I love making pancakes on weekend mornings. I recently made my homemade applesauce and wanted to use it in these pancakes without adding any butter or oil. I decided to add toasted wheat germ and oats to kick up the fiber and make them extra healthy. They came out […]

Banana Stuffed French Toast

I made this french toast one morning after brainstorming what to do with my leftover challah. I wanted something different and had some nice ripe bananas. What is better with bananas? Nutella of course! Feel free to fill your french toast with anything that your heart desires. That is the beauty of this recipe. Please […]

Low Fat Apple Cinnamon Bread

After apple picking this past weekend, I wanted to make a bread that was moist, full of apples and healthy. This bread is low fat (has no butter or oil), half whole wheat (can easily be all whole wheat) and full of apples. You can cut down on the sugar depending on how sweet you […]

Hills of Challah

I made this decadent apple raisin cinnamon challah the other day for the holiday. The challah was sweet, moist and satisfying. The recipe makes a lot of challah so get your oven ready! I came across this recipe in search of something a little bit different for the holiday. It yielded two very large challahs, […]

Maple Almond and Fig Oatmeal with Bananas

I made this oatmeal one night after craving one of my favorite sandwiches. I love almond butter, fig and banana sandwiches. I know it sounds a bit strange but its almost like a fancy peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I picked up maple almond butter at the farmers market and wanted to give it a […]

Chocolate Waffle Sandwich

I decided to make chocolate waffles one morning to try something different. The waffles were really good by themselves but wanted to turn them into something special the next morning. I love using my panini press. In my mind, any sandwich is better pressed! Nothing like a sandwich crusty on the outside and gooey in […]

Sandy Dirt Treat

  Have your child eat “dirt” with this fun and easy dirt cake. I decided one day to make chocolate pudding from scratch with my daughter. I got the original recipe here from Tyler Florence who consistently has great recipes. We had the pudding the night before but had some leftover. I wanted to think […]

Homemade Applesauce

  I went to Whole Foods this past week and picked up my favorite organic apples. I was all excited to eat one but once I bit into it I realized that they were more on the mealy side. I thought “What could I do with all of these apples that are slightly mealy?”. I […]

Chocolate Chip Dutch Baby

I love recipes that I can use my caste iron skillet. This Dutch Baby is sweet, easy, light and has a really nice consistency. Its a cinch to make in the morning but you need to prepare ahead of time for preheating the oven and having your skillet heat up in the oven as well. […]