Matzo 35 Recipes for Passover and All Year Long

Are you looking for some interesting and modern Passover recipes? How about some Matzo recipes that you can make all year long? If you do, check out this inventive and beautifully illustrated cookbook, Matzo 35 Recipes for Passover and All Year Long. Do you want to learn about the family that makes the best Matzo? […]

Healthy Cottage Cheese Banana Bread

Do you have any super ripe bananas laying around? Try this cottage cheese banana bread! Don’t have cottage cheese? Substitute with yogurt or a non dairy substitute. I decided to experiment one morning and came up with a super tasty banana bread that is healthy and delicious. Also, using cottage cheese in a banana bread […]

5 Minute French Toast

Craving a hot sweet breakfast that takes just five minutes to make? This 5 minute french toast is perfect for a busy morning. It is also easy to modify based on diet. Do you like french toast that is not too sweet? Reduce the agave syrup. Want it sweeter? Top it with agave syrup or […]

Chocolate Banana Bread

Do you have some overripe bananas? This recipe is perfect for bananas that are too ripe too eat but perfect for baking. I originally found this recipe at Savory Sweet Life but decided to modify it a bit according to what I had in the kitchen. The original recipe called for sour cream and all […]

Irish Soda Bread

What could be better on a cold winter morning than warm, sweet Irish Soda Bread? This bread is moist, full of raisins, and perfect by itself or toasted with cinnamon butter or homemade jam. After many searches for the perfect recipe for Irish Soda Bread I found it here at I modified it slightly by […]

Kefir Lemon Pound Cake

I picked up a bottle of Kefir Greek Style the other day at Whole Foods. I was planning on making a pound cake and wanted to add a nutritional boost without compromising texture or flavor. I originally found a good lemon cake recipe by Ina Garten here and wanted to modify it to decrease the […]

Ezekiel French Toast

Do you like Ezekiel bread? I was at my local market the other day and saw Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin English Muffins. They looked good and decided to bring them home to try. I love them toasted up with my almond butter, sliced banana and fig jam. It’s sort of like a fancy peanut and butter […]

Roasted Carrot Bread

What is better than carrot bread? Roasted carrot bread! I bought the most gorgeous carrots at the farmers market over the weekend and really wanted to use them wisely. Roasting brings out the carrot’s natural sweetness. The bread is sweet, earthy, full of flavor and very moist. It’s a great bread to make for the […]

Stone Fruit Scones

  Do you love stone fruit? I love all sorts of stone fruit such as peaches, apricots, plum and pluots. What better way to use them, but in a scone. I love adding fresh fruit to my scones because they add fresh flavor and nutrition. I personally like my scones more on a cakey side […]

Marble Pound Cake

Does it seem like the middle of the summer is not an ideal time for marble pound cake? I might agree but we all still crave some comfort food once in a while even when it’s a bit hot outside.  This pound cake is yummy for breakfast or dessert. It’s even better the next day […]