Apps and Toys

Eeboo Good Manners Cards

Eeboo Good Manners Flash Cards (ages 3 and up but you can easily introduce this to a child about 2.5 to 3) is an excellent game to play while having a meal with your children.  I originally bought these flashcards years ago to use with the teenagers that I see at work. I pulled these […]

Toca Kitchen Monsters

 Toca Kitchen Monsters by Toca Boca is a fun and entertaining app for both children and their parents. When I first came across this app I decided to download it considering I love all of the Toca apps. When you begin this app, you choose a monster. Once you choose a monster, you can choose […]

Egg Activity

I recently found “Small World Express Egg Shape Sorter” toy in my closet. I had put it away when my children were babiesI decided to give it a test drive. My kids loved it and have been playing with it all week. Its a great way to work on sorting, colors, shapes and fine motor […]

I Never Forget a Face Memory Game

 I bought “I Never Forget a Face Memory Game” by Feboo the other day and  love it. This game is created for a child 36 months to 10 years old. My daughter and I played this game at the kitchen table when having breakfast. It a great tabletop game that can be played during a […]

Suggestions on optimal learning experience

I think that writing a short article about some suggestions on using the iPad (or other electronic tools) with your child can be useful for many parents. Some of these suggestions I have learned as a professional and others I have learned as a parent. I hope these recommendations help make this a bonding and […]

Tell Me a Story – Animal Village

Tell me a Story is an excellent toy that can be used in many different ways. Most recently, we have been using this toy during mealtime (specifically breakfast). The toy includes 36 flashcards with various animals in various settings doing a variety of different things (e.g playing music, baking, etc). We begin by setting up […]

Art Maker by ABC’s Play School

I highly recommend this fun and educational app. I found it when searching in the app store for apps that incorporate symbolic play. When you first open “Art Maker” you get to choose a background. The backgrounds wiggle to remind you to choose. The backgrounds vary from an ocean to a farm and even underwater. […]

Toca Tea Party

I highly recommend Toca Tea Party as both a food and language app. This app is ideal for a child ages 3 + years old. With this app you can set up your own tea party, serve your guests tea and various snacks, eat them and then clean up. In order to set the table, […]

Food App: Matzah Ball Builder

This app I came across when searching for Passover apps for my children. I was curious and decided to download it (it was 99 cents so it wasn’t much of an investment). The app is like a Mr. Potato Head for the Matzah Ball. You can choose various backgrounds and body parts. I would love […]

More Buffet

More Buffet (ages 3 and up) incorporates international food and encourages choice making and learning about countries all around the world (and the food they eat). It begins with selecting a country on a 3D globe that you can spin and zoom. Once you choose the country, you can add food from that specific country […]

Food Apps and How They Can Encourage Language

Like many others,  I do love my iPad.  As many other parents know,  the iPad can be something a whole family can love. Maybe a little too much! I use my iPad with both my children at home and during my therapy sessions at work. There is a great website called This website is […]