Yum Yum Crafty Fun

yum-yum-craft-fun-totsyYum Yum Crafty Fun is a fun and creative toy that is appropriate for a child ages 3 and up. This  toy comes with crafts to create a pie, cookies, ice cream cone, cake, pizza and much more (contains 12 activities). I love that each project is wrapped separately (anything to help organize me is good!). With these various projects, you can work on improving fine motor abilities, colors, sequencing (first fold, then glue), actions, shapes and size to name a few. Encourage turn taking, sharing, problem solving, following directions and asking for help when working on the project together. The instructional manual is also great for kids to use to see what the end product should look like. Yum Yum Crafty Fun can also help kids learn about cooking in the kitchen. For example with the pizza, you have to make the crust (by folding the sides in and gluing it), add the “sauce” and then add the  “toppings” and “cheese”. It’s fun for both parent and child and can be very educational as well!

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