You are a Social Detective!

Your-Are-a-Social-DetectiveDo your children ever have trouble reading social cues and understanding what makes people upset or happy?  Make your children social detectives! You are a Social Detective! by Social Thinking Publishers is a book  that is appropriate for ages 5 and up and ideal for reading during mealtime.

social detective large 2I love this book because it begins with explaining in very simple terms that every person has “social smarts”. With our social smarts, we can navigate our interactions with others in an “expected” or “unexpected” way. I happen to find the terms “expected” and “unexpected” excellent terms because these terms are neutral and don’t have any negativity related to them.  When reviewing a recent occurrence with my own children, I explained to them that their behavior was “unexpected” which they seem to really understand. Due to this “unexpected” behavior, I was upset. This made a lot of sense to them which was extremely helpful for all of us.  The book also discusses “smart guesses” and has a social thinking lesson in the back with social thinking vocabulary definitions.

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