wonderPowerful and memorable. These are the best ways to describe Wonder by R.J. Ralacio. I rarely review books that are not picture books, but this book is like no other. Wonder was written for children ages 6 to 12 years old, but is also very appropriate for adults to read. I read this within 3 or 4 days and LOVED it.

Wonder is about a boy named “Auggie” (this immediately made me like it given that’s the name of my own son) who is born with a genetic syndrome that causes his face to have many anomalies but is otherwise typical. He is home schooled for all of his life until his parents decide to send him to private school at age 10.

The book takes you through the journey and perspective of not only Auggie,  but also all of the close people around him including his sister, his sister’s boyfriend and friends. This book gives an excellent lesson in teaching others how to be kind,  empathetic and have the courage to stick up for others that are important to you. It also shows the challenges and emotions that Auggie feels navigating this situation. It’s a beautiful book that should be read by parents, therapists, teachers and children alike. A must read for sure!

This book can lead to many great and insightful conversations with an older child. Read this book with your child and discuss all of the various perspectives. Ask your own child how they might feel in this situation and why.


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