Women Who March

What better way to celebrate Women’s International Day but a children’s book that celebrates women? When I saw this book, Women Who March on my Twitter feed, I knew that I wanted to review it.

Women Who March is a children’s book about the organized 2017 Women’s March that was held on January 21st, 2017 in Washington D.C.  The author teaches the reader about who marched, how people got there and why the women marched in this worldwide event. I loved how the author incorporated diversity into the book by highlighting how we can all be different but have the same cause. I think it’s a beautiful message that both young girls and boys can learn from. I think this is a book about empowerment for both young girls and women but both girls and boys benefit from reading this book. After reading Women Who March, my daughter asked some thoughtful questions about the event and about the specific topics discussed in the book. This is a book that can read to a younger child but older children benefit as well since the topics can be more complex to discuss and can lead to meaningful conversations. I wanted to take this review a little further by interviewing the author, Adena Raub Dershowitz, who is donating all of her proceeds from the book sales in the month of March to the National Organization for Women Foundation. To learn more about this book, check out the website here.

Can you tell me how your experience marching inspired the writing of the book, Women Who March?
 I was very torn about attending the Women’s March, due to the fact that going to Washington DC meant leaving my 8-month old twins for the day. Ultimately, I decided to go, and the day afterwards, I tried to explain to my kids what I was doing the day before (clearly knowing they were too young to understand). I realized that this idea, translating a difficult and important moment in time into something children can understand, might be my way of contributing to the equal rights activism that was fueled by the march.
 Tell me about your mission with publishing this book.
My mission is twofold. By using my Women’s March experience as inspiration, I hope to empower children to think about how they can contribute to activism and engagement to advance equality. Second, I will be donating royalties from the sale of the book to organizations and candidates who are working towards equal rights. During the month of March, royalties will be donated to the National Organization for Women Foundation.
 What would you like young girls to learn from reading this book? 
I hope that our readers, boys and girls, will learn that there was a moment in time when millions of adults and children around the world stood up and marched for equality. We marched for a better world for all, regardless of race, religion, ability, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. I hope that children will ask many questions and start conversations with the adults who read with them. And, I hope that someday, a child will find this book unnecessary, because equal rights and equal representation will be the rule rather than the exception.

Women Who March


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  1. Thanks to Becca for highlighting Women Who March!! If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out! March Forward! Adena

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