Why Should I Eat Well?

“Why Should I Eat Well?” (ages 4 and up) is an educational and engaging book about a girl named Monica who makes a new friend (Rachel) who has a very healthy diet. Monica doesn’t eat well because she constantly eats food with a lot of sugar and fat. During mealtime, I am always trying to teach my children what the definition of “healthy” is. How my daughter describes “healthy” is that “It’s good for your brain”. This book discusses what Monica eats before she meets Rachel and how her diet changes once she realizes what a diet of high sugar and fat can do to you. It explains what healthy foods  can do for you (e.g. make your hair shiny and feel good) and how you can always have a treat sometimes, just not all the time .  Since you may know by my website, there are definitely treats in our house but my kids know they can’t have them unless that they eat a healthy meal before. It’s a great lesson for any child to learn. Language concepts include expanding vocabulary (e.g. “healthy”), food group categorization, answering “wh” questions (e.g. “What is a healthy snack?”), and can open the discussion to “being healthy” at the dinner table. You can discuss your own meal (e.g. food groups, are they healthy and what they will do for you). Also the next time your child asks why they can’t have that second cupcake, you can think of this book and give them a reason why (not just “Because its what Mommy says” which is always a good reason:)


  1. I wish there were more Moms like you that truly care about feeding their kids healthier. Just the other day I was saying that we are so rushed today that it is easier to fast food rather than plan ahead and really think about eating wiser. It takes a little more planningto eat healthier but as they say “you are what you eat”. Teaching children to eat better younger is the best idea. There wouldn’t be so much diabetes in young children if everyone thought like you. When i wasI growing up the only time I saw a cupcake or ice cream was on a special day like your birthday. Today it seems like there are cupcake bakeries springing up everywhere.

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