Whole Body Listening Larry at Home!

llDoes your child ever have trouble listening? I think every parent runs into this issue. Whole Body Listening Larry at Home which is written by two speech language pathologists is an ideal book to discuss whole body listening. I loved this book because the illustrations are so vibrant and engaging and the text is easy for a young child to understand and relate to. In this book, Listening Larry gives tips to his sister Lucy on how to listen with her whole body. She needs to listen with her eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet, body, brain and heart. The book takes you through every day situations that I think any family can relate to (Lucy banging their silverware at the dinner table, Lucy kicking the fathers car seat, etc). This book also helps target appropriate social skills when interacting with others.

Whole Body Listening Larry at Home is ideal for children ages 5 and up who are both typical and have special needs (e.g. ADHD, Autism, etc). When I was reading this book, I asked my children “What is wrong in the picture?” which can help improve problem solving and inferencing skills. The book also has a great section in the back on how to reinforce Whole Body Listening.


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