Who Is? Who Was? Series

The Who Is? Who Was? and What was? Where is? Series by Penguin Random House is a series of books that can help teach your child about important people and events in history. The series includes both  hundreds of titles to entice any child’s interest. Do you have a child that interested in music? Check out Who Was Louis Armstrong? and Who Were The Beatles? Interested in presidents? Check out Who was George Washington? or Who was Thomas Jefferson? How about sports? Read What is the World Series? and Who is Derek Jeter? I love this series because it makes an excellent book for any elementary school child to read alone, through partner reading or being read aloud by a parent. It is also ideal for those children who struggle to find books that interest them and keep their attention.

The non fiction books are easy to read, have interesting illustrations and explain the history of the subject in a child friendly manner that makes it ideal to teach. As an adult, I have learned many new facts from these books. I have read many of these books with my children and especially love the intermittent 1-2 page facts in between chapters. For example, the most recent book that we are reading is Who Was Dr. Seuss? When reading aloud about Dr. Seuss’s life, the author discusses this author’s father and his job as owner of a beer’s brewery. When Prohibition occurred, this directly affected Dr. Seuss’s father. How? What is Prohibition? This was a good opportunity to discuss what that meant and how it affected his family. The book explained this well and how it affected people and businesses in the United States at the time and when and how it ended.  When reading Who is Jane Goodall?, the author explains bits of history throughout the book and helped the reader understand the material in a holistic way.

Are you an educator? Check out the website here with endless amounts of information on the series. Check out the Educator’s Resources here.

Do you want your child to test their knowledge? You can also download the app here! 


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