What’s The Big Deal About First Ladies?

In honor of Women’s History Month, I am proud to review the book, What’s The Big Deal About First Ladies? written by Ruby Shamir and illustrated by Matt Faulkner. This book is packed with facts about the first ladies of our nation dating all the way back to our first lady, Martha Washington. What’s The Big Deal about First Ladies? can help teach young children about many accomplishments and responsibilities that the first ladies have had since our first president, George Washington.  From being hostesses, advocates, ambassadors, advocates, patriots and role models the first ladies have served many roles in our nation.

I am also proud to be participating in the WTBDA First Ladies Blog Campaign from Penguin Kids. As a participant in this First Ladies Blog Campaign, each blogger was asked to choose a first lady they wanted to feature in their review. As a speech language pathologist that works with children with special needs, I immediately gravitated towards Grace Coolidge because of her dedication to the Clarke School for the Deaf and helping to raise awareness of those with disabilities. Her husband, Calvin Coolidge served as our 30th president of the United States of America.

Grace Coolidge was born on January 3rd, 1879 in Burlington, Vermont. Grace was the only child of Captain Andrew Isaachar Goodhue and Lemira Barrett Goodhue. Since her mother died young, Grace was raised by her grandmother in Merrimac, New Hampshire. Grace was educated in the Burlington school district and attended College where she studied elocution. She attended the Clarke School for the Deaf where she pursued placement in the training course for teachers of the deaf. She began training in the practice of “lip reading” for children who were deaf and worked there till she was married. Although she stopped working at the school once she married, she maintained an lifelong interest in training children who were deaf. During her time as first lady, she focused on two organizations that included the Red Cross and Clarke School for the Deaf.During her time as first lady, she raised a 2 million endowment fund for the Clarke School. She continued to support the school even after being first lady and the passing of her husband, Calvin by serving as president on the Board. To learn more about The Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech click here. To learn more about Grace Coolidge, click here.

Check out this video of Grace Coolidge meeting Helen Keller….

What’s the Big Deal About First Ladies

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