What picture books are best for toddlers? A research study….

Addorable Toddler Boy Reading Alphabet BookWhat are the best books to choose for your toddler?

I wanted to explore iconicity in pictures as related to toddlers. What is iconicity? Iconicity is the degree of similarity between a picture and a  real object.  A highly iconic picture is the actual photograph of the object. A less iconic symbol might be a black and white or color line drawing symbolizing the object. I am very interested in iconicity because as a speech pathologist who specializes in AAC (augmentative and alternative communication), the idea and understanding of iconicity for my clients is crucial when choosing an appropriate communication system and symbol set.

Which picture do you think is more iconic?

sundae collage

If you said the left one, you are correct. Now, how does this affect our toddlers when reading? When working in the field of early intervention, I have always used more photographs than line drawings with my little ones because I found them more engaged and interested in the photographs than the line drawings.

How does this translate into choosing books for your young child? Learn more about this when reading my ebook here.


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