Ways to Help Your Child Develop a Positive Homework Habit

Do you have a healthy homework habits at home with your children? Homework can be so challenging especially after a long day, sports, after school activities, etc. I know that I have my own challenges with homework habits and was looking forward to seeing Annabelle’s article below! I hope you find her tips helpful. Thank you Annabelle!

In 2007, researchers from Duke University conducted a meta-analysis of 100 studies to determine if homework benefits children academically. They concluded that homework improves the academic performance of a child. Moreover, the researchers advocated for the development of effective study habits while the child is young. They argued that children would persist with positive homework habits throughout their lives if they become accustomed to it early in life.

One way of encouraging this kind of positivity is by establishing rules that will guide your children’s studies. For example, smartphones should be off during this time. Shutting down TVs, video games, and music systems is an excellent idea as well. Letting your children invite their friends to your home at this time is also unwise. These measures increase your kids’ focus on their homework by keeping them away from unnecessary distractions such as messages on WhatsApp.

Other Ways of Helping Your Child Develop a Positive Homework Habit

Choose the Right Time & Place

Help your children concentrate on their homework by choosing the right time and place for this kind of activity. For example, let your child unwind after returning home from school. Remember, no one wants to work or think when he or she feels tired and hungry. Therefore, encouraging your kids to do their homework two hours after coming home from school might be the best option for them. Breaks are necessary as well. For example, a five-minute break every 20 minutes or so rejuvenates their energy in addition to refreshing their minds.

The room that you will choose as a study area for your child matters a lot. For example, does it have proper lighting? Is the ventilation good? Is it clean? Is it a quiet room? Does it look inspiring? How many things can distract your children while they are there? The answers to these questions should guide you on the best room to pick as a study area for your child.

Sometimes, creating a specific place that is perfect your children to do their homework is challenging. Therefore, choosing an area that meets most of these standards is the best way to go.

Provide the Necessary Tools & Offer Positive Reinforcement

Children require specific things to do their homework. Essential items include notebooks, pens, and pencils. They also need erasers, pencil sharpeners, and rulers. In some cases, they need glue, crayons, and scissors. You can provide pencil boxes, markers, and plastic folders as well. These items should be separate from the things they use at school. That way, they will learn that studying at home is just as critical as studying at school. They will also know that it needs the same level of attention and concentration.

Offering positive reinforcement is another way of a positive homework habit for your children. You can do that by complimenting your kids when they finish their homework. Remember, your children will associate homework with optimism if you show them that you are proud of what they are doing. They will keep up this habit if it brings joy to you and the rest of the family. You can offer them their favorite sweets or toys as well. Moreover, you can encourage playtime activities with their friends after they complete their homework.

Finally, numerous studies have shown that home tuition benefits children tremendously. More specifically, kids will learn at their pace based on their unique learning abilities. Additionally, home tuition provides shy students with an opportunity to ask questions freely. Try home tuition. It will benefit your child in unimaginable ways.

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  1. Who did not dread doing their homework while they were in school? It’s almost considered as one of the kids’ enemies that take their time from doing something fun and enjoyable. These tips are simple but make sense and would be a huge help to parents. I know I would be using these to help my nephew with his homework.

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