Waffles and Pancakes: A Lesson in Bullying

waffles pancakes bullyWaffles and Pancakes A Lesson in Bullying by Cindy Springsteen tells the story of two hamsters named Waffles and Pancakes. This is Cindy’s second book about these sweet and likeable hamster characters. See my review of this book here.

Waffles  and Pancakes are best of friends and their owners Danny and Griffin care for them in the very best way. One day, they encounter a bully by the name of Oscar and his owner, Tom. Tom and Oscar do not respect others and make Pancakes and Waffles feel bad. As you would say in my home, Oscar is a “bucket dipper” (taken from the book Have You Filled A Bucket Today?) which is a very large insult.  In the end, the three boys and their pets communicate about their feelings and learn to respect each other.

I think as parents we need to teach our children at a very young age how to treat others. As school is approaching, it is important to begin to teach your child how to deal with certain situations. As my own mom tells me,  you must role play at home. When it actually happens and you are there (or not there) it is difficult to navigate the situation (speaking from personal experience). During mealtime is a great time to discuss various difficult situations such as the one Pancakes and Waffles were in with Oscar. Ask your child, “Why were Pancakes and Waffles sad?”, “How would you feel if someone was mean to you?”, etc.

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