5 Ways to Create Invites and Holidays Cards with your Child

I was recently contacted by Basic Invite, an online invitation company for all occasions. Basic Invite also has wonderful free printables that can be directly accessed here.

I wanted to share 10 fun and creative ways for you and your child to create holiday and birthday invitations together.

  1. Decide when you are going to send out the invitations. Take out a calendar and depending on the age of your child, discuss when the party or holiday is and what the “deadline” would be. Discuss the word deadline and how it can relate to other situations in life such as work, bills, etc. Why do you have to send them out in time? If the invitation gets to the recipient too late, they may have plans for the day of the party or may not receive the holiday card in time.
  2. Who do you invite? For birthday party and holiday party invitations, this can be a tricky one! For younger children, this may be an entire class. For an older child, this can be a select amount of children. This is a good opportunity to discuss their friendships. Who are their good friends? Who are their acquaintances? What are acquaintances (many child do know this word)? If you invite most of the class, include the whole class. Discuss how a child might feel if he or she is the only one not invited. This is a good opportunity for empathy.  For holiday photo cards, categorize people into “family”, “friends”, “colleagues”, etc. This is a good opportunity to learn categories related to people.
  3. Where is the party? For birthday party invitations, where is the party? This is something to definitely discuss with your child. What kind of party do they want? Art, gym, movies, etc? Depending on the party, this can help you with your birthday party invites. For holiday cards, this may not apply unless you are having a holiday party, which many families do. Where is the holiday party? Is it at restaurant or within your home?
  4. Design! This is the fun part for both you and your child. Basic Invite has over 250 holiday card designs to choose from. Selecting a photo for a holiday photo card or a kids Christmas party invitation can be tricky! Before getting your child involved, choose 10 pictures that you would consider for the card. This can be a more time efficient process than going through hundreds of pictures with your child. Choose your colors! Basic Invite has almost unlimited colors and has over 180 different color potions available. With Basic Invite, you also get the option of getting a custom sample so you can see the sample of the invitation before ordering it. The colors aren’t limited to the invitations. There are over 40 different colors of envelopes, which can make choosing a color a very difficult one with so many choices! When choosing a color, take the opportunity to label specific colors that may be unfamiliar to a child. Print out a copy of the color wheel and talk about how the colors are created. What colors make fuchsia? How about turquoise? An excellent book recommendations for colors is Colors for Zena, The Color Monster and the Mixed Up Chameleon.
  5. Time to send out the invitations! Discuss with your child how to send out mail. What is a return address? Where does the stamp go? How do you get everyone’s address? Basic Invite has an address capturing service that allows people to share a link on social media to request their friends and family’s’ addresses which can be directly stores in your Basic Invite account. For many younger children, writing address can be difficult so get pre-printed return address labels and ask your child to place it on the upper left hand side. A younger child can also put the stamp on the envelope and seal the envelope with a damp sponge or a piece of tape.

If this whole process is too overwhelming, choose 1 or 2 tips to do together. You don’t need to complete the whole process with your child to make it special!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The tips and book recommendations that are shared in this post are mine and can be helpful for all of those families creating invitations and holiday cards together. Enjoy!

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