Tyler Makes Pancakes

tyler makes pancakesI was excited to see this book recently at the library. I have always enjoyed Tyler Florence’s cooking shows and books. I noticed about six months ago that he also wrote a cookbook for kid friendly recipes (Start Fresh: Your Child’s Jump Start to Lifelong Healthy Eating). Tyler Makes Pancakes (ages 4 and up) by Tyler Florence and Craig Franzier is a book about a boy named Tyler who wants to make pancakes for his parents. His dog, “Tofu” helps him out with this task. We enjoyed this book even more with the dog character because he resembled our own basset hound.

Tyler begins the story at the grocery store obtaining all of the ingredients for his pancakes. The grocer, Mr. Jones, takes him through where each ingredient comes from in a very simple way for children to understand. This book is wonderful to educate your children on where food comes from and how it gets to our kitchen table. With this book, work on expanding vocabulary, actions, answering “wh” questions, improving literacy, narratives, discussing what “imagine” means, sequencing (following the recipe for pancakes) , describing and much more. This book can have many carryover activities such as making the pancakes with recipe in the back of the book or finding your own recipe for pancakes (gravitybread has many!). When sitting down for your next meal, educate your child about where each food comes from. This booked sparked in an interest in my own family to go blueberry picking. We will definitely be checking out a Maple Syrup Farm soon!


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