Tell Me a Story – Animal Village

Tell me a Story is an excellent toy that can be used in many different ways. Most recently, we have been using this toy during mealtime (specifically breakfast). The toy includes 36 flashcards with various animals in various settings doing a variety of different things (e.g playing music, baking, etc). We begin by setting up 2-5 cards (depending on if we are playing with my son) on the table. The cards state that the game is designed for a child who is three years or older but I can easily play with my son by giving him 1-2 cards at a time.   During the game, we take turns telling stories based on what cards are placed on the table. I usually go first in order to give ideas to my children, so when its their turn they can build on my thoughts if they choose. You have be extremely creative when playing this game. This helps children use describing words, comment, sequence, produce narratives, improve vocabulary and much more! The possibilities are endless because just by switching the cards, you have a whole new story. It also teaches your little one to “read” from left to right which is part of improving pre-literacy skills.

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