This Is The Way We Eat Our Lunch

this is the way we eat our lunchThis Is The Way We Eat Our Lunch by Edith Baer is a wonderful book to teach your child all about geography, different cultures, and various cuisines. I saw this book at my children’s school library and immediately ordered it from the town library. Unfortunately, it’s not being published anymore but can be easily picked up at your local library or bought used online.

I decided to do a carryover activity with this book by printing out a picture of the United States to show my children. As I read the book, I pointed out the various states. There is a map of the world in the back to use when discussing other countries.

I think it is excellent to introduce your kids to all types of cuisine at an early age so they develop a taste for different flavors. By the end of this book, my son could tell me where Florida, California and New York are located. Work on expanding vocabulary, following directions, describing, geography, visual awareness and literacy skills. I found this picture online from which was really helpful. It can also be bought as a poster, which I am very tempted to buy!

map from etsy

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