There’s A Big Beautiful World Out There

there's a big beautiful world out thereMy daughter came home from library with this book, “There’s A Big Beautiful World Out There” by Nancy Carlson (ages 3 and up). There’s A Big Beautiful World Out There can be a very useful and meaningful book to read to your child during mealtime, especially now after the horrific massacre that occurred at  Sandy Hook Elementary School. This book was originally written after 9/11 . The book takes you through all things that can be very scary for a child (and possibly an adult) including the news, a clown (which still scared me!), mean dogs, thunderstorms and creepy crawly bugs. I love that this book addresses the fact that there are indeed very scary things out in the world, but there is also good and wonderful things to look forward to such as making friends, enjoying your backyard, getting comforted by a loved one, and seeing the rainbow after a storm. I think we all want to hide under the covers sometimes, which makes this book helpful for both parent and child 🙂


  1. Mona aka Mamoo says:

    I have the great honor of being Gracie’s grandma. She can clear away the doom and gloom of an ugly situation just with her smile ! To find a book about how beautiful the world is shows me that she has the ability to see past the present state of what everyone is thinking about. To concentrate on everything that is beautiful at a time when we all think life is ugly, is simply wonderful. You go Gracie! You are my hero!

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