The Third Mushroom

Are you looking for an engaging, funny and witty book for your tween?

Check out The Third Mushroom by Jennifer Holm.  Jennifer Holm, who is also a three time Newburgy Honor winning author wrote this middle grade book The Third Mushroom as a sequel to her publication, The Fourteenth Goldfish. She is also the author of the Babymouse series, Squish and graphic novels, Sunny Side Up and Swing It Sunny. To read my reviews on some of Jennifer and Matt Holm’s books, click here.

Although The Third Mushroom is a sequel, the story can stand on it own without reading The Fourteenth Goldfish. However, read both because they are fantastic!

I am a big fan of Jennifer Holm because of her variety of work. She writes graphic novels, books for younger children and chapter books for tween and teens. To learn more about Jennifer Holm, check out her website here. 

Are you an educator? Check out reading guides for Jennifer Holm and other authors here.

To get a review for Third Mushroom, I asked my 10 year old daughter to provide me a summary of the book with a question at the end for the reader. She loved the book and was happy to share any information that would encourage a peer to read this book. 

Tween Summary and Review

The Third Mushroom is about a girl named Ellie who was in middle school. Her grandfather Melvin is a mad scientist and transformed himself into an teenager. He then decided to live with Ellie her mom their cat Jonas and their traveling dad, Ben who was soon coming back for good. Melvin was a old person on the inside, but on the outside he looked like a normal teenager. What will people think of Melvin? Read the book to find out!

The Third Mushroom

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