The Thing About Yetis

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In this book, The Thing about Yetis by Vin Vogel, a Yeti is a soft, lovable cuddly creature who loves winter. Yetis love waking up on snowy mornings, drinking hot chocolate and building big snow castles. These characters make the best snowball and snowmen with their friends sliding down snowy hills on their bottom. However, winter can be tough sometimes when you just can’t get warm like you can in the summer! Yetis miss playing on the beach and outside for hours on long sunny days. They miss building sand castles and zipping down splashy slides on their bellies. What do Yetis do when winter gets them down and feeling cold? They make a warm sunny day right at home!

The Thing About Yetis is an engaging tale for young children to reflect on the ups and down of particular seasons. Winter can be tough with endless days of cold temperatures and bundling up on a regular basis. Even as adults, we miss summer and warm beautiful sunny days that seem to stretch longer each day.

Learning Tips: Use this book to talk about the differences between summer and winter. Focus on the various actions that occur in the story (e.g. drink, slide, build, pretend, miss, play, zipping, etc). Expand vocabulary with new words such as Yeti, crabby, secret, creature, contest, etc). Ask your child what season they like best and why. Encourage your child to draw a picture about their favorite activity in winter or summer!

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