Penguin and Pinecone

Penguin pineconeWhen I read, “Penguin and Pinecone” my heart melted.

I have read this story at snack time, mealtime and during playtime.  This well written book is about a penguin who finds a pinecone on the ice where he lives. He wonders what it is by exploring it with all of his senses. He loves his new friend but can’t keep it because it doesn’t belong on the ice, it belongs in the forest. The penguin travels far to plant his pinecone in the forest. He is sad to leave his friend but knows he will be much happier there. Pinecone grows into a big pine tree. When penguin visits the pinecone again, he is surprised to find out big he grew. They play together but penguin knows he cannot stay there. At the end of the book, more penguins bring their pinecones to the forest and the author explains to the reader that “when you give love, love grows”. It  teaches that even though a friend or family member may be far away, you can remain close and still maintain your love for each other.

Carryover Activity: Go on a nature walk with your little one. Help them pick something out that they are not familiar with. Use both of your senses to describe it and then tell your child what the object is  (or look it up online if you don’t know). This activity can help your child expand their vocabulary and improve their ability to use descriptive words.


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