The Pendericks At Last

Part of what I love about reviewing books on my website is matching that passionate reader to the book that they love. When I received The Pendericks At Last, my daughter immediately commented that her friend loved the Penderick series. The Penderwicks At Last is the final book in the Penderick series by Jeanne Birdsall. To learn more about Jeanne, check out her frequently asked questions on her website here. I am very excited to present Sienna’s review of The Pendericks at Last. Sienna is a passionate reader and learner that wrote this insightful review below. 

The Penderwicks At Last is a heartfelt story about ”six siblings, a new friend, an old foe, a three-legged dog and a double Penderwick wedding”.  For 11 year old Lydia Penderwick, (the youngest) the summer couldn’t get better. The whole Penderwick family was reuniting and going to Arundel Hall for Rosalind and Skye’s double wedding,  Arundel Hall was the place where the four original Penderwick sisters vacationed during the summer when they were younger (Book 1). It was there where they met Jeffrey, and developed a very strong friendship with him.  They grew so close to Jeffrey, they found him worthy enough to share their family secrets with him. His dreadful mother, Mrs. Tifton who once owned Arundel Hall, bequeathed the house to Jeffrey. Jeffrey invited the Penderwicks to host the double wedding at Arundel Hall.  Arundel Hall in the Berkshire Mountains during the summer months is the setting for a couple of Penderwick books. It is also a special place to the Penderwick family. While at Arundel Hall, Lydia ran into Mrs. Tifton a couple of times. Although all of her sisters avoided Mrs. Tifton at all cost, Lydia (the kindest of the Penderwicks) did not find Mrs. Tifton to be as offensive.

Throughout the story, Lydia, with the help of her new friend Alice, came up with a motto that would fit Lydia best after the wedding.  “Ad  fatum meum salto” or “I dance to my destiny” in Latin.  After reading this book, I realized that change is part of life.  Many things changed for Lydia that summer. Two of her sisters married, and Batty was falling in love with Jeffrey.  If there were to be a next book, I would like to know what happens at the end of the summer and the following year in their lives?  What happens to Batty and Jeffrey in the next couple years? Do they eventually marry? If you are interested in feel good books about siblings who will always be there for each other throughout the many phases of life, this is a book for you.  If you are interested in reading about a family and how they grow as individuals and altogether, then I recommend “The Penderwicks At Last.

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