The Pencil

The pencilDo you have a book that your children tend to gravitate towards? The Pencil by Allan Ahlberg is one of my children’s favorite books. The book begins with a lonely pencil that lays there for a very long time until one day he makes a move and starts to draw. What does he draw? He begins his journey drawing a boy name Banjo and a small family. The people needs color so Pencil decided to draw a paintbrush named Kitty! Kitty was able to bring color and life to The Pencil’s drawings.  Kitty and The Pencil make a magnificent team until Pencil decides to create an eraser who wants to ruin everything! What does The Pencil do?

The Pencil helps builds a child’s imagination by taking inanimate objects and bringing them to life. There are tons of language concepts that a parent can facilitate when reading this book to your young school aged child (grades Kindergarten and up). When reading the book, emphasize words that your child may not be familiar with such as “hesitate”, “quiver” and “grumpy”. Discuss what these words mean by defining them and using them in a sentence. Try to relate these words in a way that your child will understand. For example, for the word “splendid”, you might say “Your art project you created today was splendid!” Ask your child, “What would you want The Pencil to draw for you?” Encourage your child to discuss the characters feelings by having them look closely at the characters expressions. Work on retelling the story by using these strategies!

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