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the letterAre you looking for a book to help boost your child’s self esteem?  The author of this book, The Letter by N.D. Byma contacted me regarding his children’s book, titled The Letter. From his email, I could tell how passionate he was about his book and the impact he wanted it to have on children when reading it.

When I first read this book to my children they immediately liked it. They enjoyed and appreciated the simplicity of the scenes and the story line. The book begins with a girl who wants to write a letter to someone special but can’t find the right words. She decides to start the letter with “Dear You” and then leave the piece of paper on a bench in the park. Various people stop by to look at the letter and each person adds a different message. Some of the characters in the story include an old woman, a young girl riding a bike, a runner and then finally a woman pushing a baby’s stroller. At the end of the story, the girl comes back to find her letter written for her.

I liked this book because it shows children the various perspectives of different people from all different backgrounds including varying ages. It also helps children accept who they are and have appreciation for the world around them.

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I asked the author, N.D. Byma a few questions regarding his book, The Letter. To learn more about N.D. Byma visit his website here.

interview ndWhat inspired you to write The Letter?

The original idea for the story first came to me when I was daydreaming on a long car ride. For hours I couldn’t shake the thought of just how fantastic it would be to leave a piece of paper somewhere only to find it completed later with no idea of who wrote in it or the adventure it went on while I was away.

For the letter itself, I really focused on the question of “If I could write a letter to my younger self, what would it say?” That is what inspired the words on the paper. The things each character writes in the letter are nuggets of wisdom I wish someone would have shared with me in my youth.

What is the meaning behind each character in the book contributing to writing the letter?

I’m a firm believer that you can learn something extraordinary from everyone you meet, young or old. My hope was to convey that message as each character, in different seasons of life, would offer their perspective and hopefully it would cohesively mix into one complete letter to the reader.

What would you like children to learn from reading your book?

My desire for The Letter is to offer something to smile about for everyone that reads it. I hope young children enjoy the adventure, animals and Amanda’s incredible illustrations. Perhaps older kids will be inspired to write a letter to a friend and, lastly, I hope the adult readers can enjoy the underlying message.

Most importantly, I hope that everyone who reads the book learns, if nothing else, that they are perfect; quirks and all.

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