The Last Kids on Earth

last kids on earthDo you have a child that loves a good zombie story? How about an interest in starring in their own comic book or video game?  

Check out this book, The Last Kids on Earth by Max Braillier. Max Brallier is the author of more than twenty books and games for children and adults, including the pick-your-own-path adventure Can YOU Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? He is the creator and writer of Galactic Hot Dogs, an ongoing middle-grade web serial which was released as a book this spring. He writes for licensed properties including Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Uncle Grandpa. Under the pen name Jack Chabert, he is the creator and author of the Eerie Elementary series for Scholastic Books. He is a game designer for the crazy fun virtual world Poptropica and does freelance game design for numerous online properties. In the olden days, he worked in the marketing department at St. Martin’s Press.  Douglas Holgate has been a freelance comic book artist and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia for more than ten years. Douglas has illustrated comics for Image, Dynamite, Abrams, and Penguin Random House. Follow Douglas on Twitter @douglasbot.

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What is The Last Kids on Earth about? The main character, thirteen year old Jack Sullivan has been living in his tree house until he gets attacked by the hordes of Zombies and Winged Wretches and Vine Thingies. What does he do? He builds a team: his best friend, Quint; Dirk, Jack’s loyal pet monster, Rover; and Jack’s crush, June. With their help, Jack will overcome all of his obstacles.

Given that this book was for older children (grades 3 and up), I thought it would be in my best interest to ask a child to provide an additional review that was the appropriate age and had an interest in zombies, comics and video games. This book can also be an excellent for those children who are reluctant readers. My third grader reviewer commented:

“I like the monsters, especially one character named Blarg. Blarg is a bad monster who is trying to destroy the city. Jack is a boy in middle school who puts a knife in the head of the monster.”

Mom says that her son, “thinks the monsters and zombies are cool. He likes the sketch-like drawings in the book, which provide visuals of the ugly monsters. The book is not scary for him because he knows that it’s not real. It is sad because some of Jack’s friends get zombified when a zombie catches them. But he likes the suspense of heroes chasing after evil characters, and enjoys the fact that Jack and his friends prevail by doing a good job of killing all the monsters and zombies”.

Do you read a sample? Check out an excerpt here!

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