The Jacket

The JacketThe Jacket written by Kirsten Hall and illustrated by Dasha Tolstikova  is a creative and interesting picture book that tells the journey of a book searching for “the child who would finally notice him”. One day he met the girl he always dreamed of and fit perfectly in her hands. Everything seems perfect until he came home with her and found out about her dog Egg Cream. Egg Cream was a sweet and lovable dog but also a dirty dog that enjoyed getting into all sorts of messes.  One lovely afternoon when Book was sitting peacefully in the girls hands, all of a sudden there was mud everywhere! Egg Cream had gotten into another mess and now Book was dirty and sad. What was he going to do now? After being sad, the girl decided to recreate Book by giving him a beautiful and inventive new jacket. At the end of the story, everyone was happy, even Egg Cream.

jacket 2

I loved this story because it was different and interesting and incorporated unique characters with engaging illustrations. I enjoyed that Book was a main character with feelings of being scared, happy, peaceful, and sad. The Jacket also reflects on the Book’s dreams of finding the perfect home and being noticed.  I think that the story can help teach a child to learn that nothing is perfect and that with some creative thinking mixed with optimism, situations can turn out even better in the end!

When reading The Jacket focus on various language concepts such as the emotions of the different characters and the sequence of events. How did Book feel when he got dirty? What did the girl do to make him feel better?

Carryover Activity: Help your child create a jacket for their favorite book. With the instructions in the back of this book, this activity can help your child follow directions, be creative and engage in academic activities related to literacy concepts. Are you a teacher? Check out this lesson plan already written that focuses on the academic benefits of creating your own jacket.


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