The Hueys in What’s the Opposite?

hueys coverAre you looking for a children’s book to teach your child opposites? Check out The Hueys in What’s the Opposite? by Oliver Jeffers. Oliver Jeffers is also the illustrator of When the Crayons Quit  and When the Crayons Came Home.

The Hueys In What’s the Opposite? is a clever, engaging book that can help teach a child learn about a variety of language concepts including expanding vocabulary, taking turns in simple conversation,  opposites and understanding more abstract language (e.g. lucky, unlucky, half empty, half full).  Opposites can be a tricky concept to learn especially with more abstract opposites such as “here” and “there” but the author includes simple language with engaging illustrations to help the reader understand the meanings of the words. The book also incorporates the concept of problem solving. For example, asking your child ,”What does lucky mean?”, “Why is that person unlucky?”


Here is a list of opposite pairs your child can learn:

Beginning-End, Yes-No, Up-Down, High-Low, Here-There, Cold-Hot, Unlucky-Lucky, On-Off, Big-Small, Light-Heavy, Happy-Sad, Half Full-Half Empty, Forward-Back

Who is this book ideal for? I think it’s best for preschool aged children up to kindergarten. This book is also an excellent book for children with special needs with the use of visual supports with link below.

Carryover Activity: Have your child think of their own opposite pairs and draw a picture. You can also have your child act out the opposites (e.g. quiet and loud, push and pull, etc)

Are you a teacher? Are you looking for more visuals? Check out these visuals by Omazing Kids.

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