The Gingerbread Man Loose at the Zoo

gingerman loose at the zooGingerbread Man Loose at the Zoo written by Laura Murray and illustrated by Mike Lowery is an engaging, interactive and fun book to read to a class or at home. The author takes you on a riddle scavenger hunt with the gingerbread man to explore all of the animals at the zoo. The Gingerbread Man gets lost and could only find his class once he solves all of the riddles. It is up to the child to solve all of the riddles! The book begins with Riddle #1, “I’m spotted. I’m gentle. I’m tall as a tree. A branch full of leave is the best snack for me. I have a new baby and she is my calf”. The next page reveals the answer with some extra facts about a giraffe, such as its blue hook tongue. The book takes the reader through an animal exploration with the additional engagement of the gingerbread man story line. The Gingerman Loose at the Zoo also teaches some basic map skills by showing a visual map of the zoo.



helpful tips on blackboard in wooden frameGingerbread Man Loose at the Zoo is ideal for preschoolers up to early elementary age students.  It’s an excellent book for teaching new vocabulary, negation, sequencing and problem solving. Encourage your child to recall all of the animals that the gingerbread man met along the way. Work on categorization (e.g. ask your child to tell you what type of animal an alligator is  “reptile”). The book is also ideal for learning actions. for example with the riddle for a monkey, the actions “scurry”, “screech”, “swing”, “hang”, and “love” are emphasized. Act out all of the actions to help teach your child expanded use of the word! Discuss Gingerbread man’s emotions throughout the book. How does he feel when he can’t find his class? How does he feel when he sees the zebra? Discuss the different attributes of each animal. Which is the largest animal? How about the tallest?

Are you a teacher? Check out this lesson plan available on Laura Murray’s website. The Gingerbread Man Loose at the Zoo Lesson Plan

For additional ideas and activities for the home and classroom, visits Laura’s website here!

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