The Family Book

The family bookDo you want to teach your child all about different families? My 6 year old daughter is learning all about different families in her class and I wanted to read the appropriate book at mealtime to reinforce what she learning in class. The Family Book was the perfect book to choose! I have always been attracted to Todd Parr’s books because of the colorful illustrations and his emphasis on building self esteem in young children.

Has your child ever asked, “Why is my family small?” or “Why does my friend not have a sister or brother?” These are all normal questions that come up in conversation and I think this book explains different families in a way that is appropriate for young children to understand. I love this book because the author emphasizes that although some families may be different, we all have commonalities, such as loving hugs, spending special days with each other and making us strong. This book teaches children to celebrate differences and encourages creativity and self expression. The Family Book can lead to many important conversations with your child such as talking about your own family and how it compares to other families. As you read the book, encourage your child to comment and ask open ended questions. This book can be a valuable teaching tool for many families.

family book3

Extension Activities: Create your own family tree with these printables. Have fun filling out these free printables here. Discuss your own family! Do you look alike or eat the same things? Do you have a big family or a small family?

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