The Difference Between a 504 and an IEP: Key Resources

With school quickly approaching, I wanted to share some important resources about 504 plans and IEPs (Individualized Education Plans). As a speech language pathologist, many people ask me these questions and I wanted to share some valuable information on this topic.

Why is this important? If your child is struggling in class and with their academic work, it’s important to understand the similarities and differences between a 504 plan and an IEP. Also, understanding what accommodations your child might need is also important. This can include extra time, a different setting for testing, increased cues from the teacher or a written schedule on your child’s desk. Many people also assume that you can receive certain services under a 504 plan such as occupational, speech and physical therapy. In order to receive these services on a consistent basis as part of your education plan, this is part of an IEP, not a 504. It can be a complicated process to learn and understand and asking questions is key!  Talk with other parents who have gone through the process or contact your special services department at your child’s school to answer any questions.

Check out these informative resources below: The Difference Between IEPs and 504 Plans

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Everything You Need to Know About IDEA, IEPs, and Section 504 Plans

Watch this video by Understood to learn more!

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