The Color Monster

color monster collageThe Color Monster, A Pop-Up Book about Feelings by Anna Llenas is a special and engaging book about feelings. As a speech language pathologist who works with children and adults with complex communication needs, emotions can be an abstract concept to teach. Using a multi-sensory approach, like this author does in The Color Monster, can help bring feelings to life. Her interesting and creative perceptive can help a child understand specific feelings related to colors. Color Monster is all mixed up in the beginning of the story and gets some help by learning to “separate his feelings”. The author takes the reader through an emotions journey by focusing on what types of actions you may engage in when you have specific feeling. For example, “When you are happy you laugh, jump, dance, and play. You want to share that feeling with everyone! “When you are angry, you want to stomp and roar and shout, ‘It’s not fair!'” Each feeling is represented by a color and pop up art that makes the whole story three dimensional.

Multi-Ethnic Group Of People's Arms Raised Holding Letters ThatCarryover Activities: Engage your child in an activity about feelings. As you are reading the book, talk about each feeling and when you may have experienced that emotion. Ask your child, “When have you felt sad?”, etc. To check out more ideas for teaching emotions and feelings, click the Child Fun link here.

For children with social cognitive delays and deficits (difficulties with social language), label specific feelings as they occur. For example, if your child is excited about a specific event, action, etc, label that feeling by saying “I see you are happy now”. This strategy also works for other emotions as “frustrated”, “sad”, etc.

For more titles about feelings, check out Anh’s Anger and Visiting Feelings.



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