The Carrot Seed

carrot seedbookThe Carrot Seed is a classic book that has a very important lesson. This book which was originally published in 1945 is about a little boy who plants a carrot seed. He waits for the carrot to grow, while his family insists that the carrot “won’t come up”. He continues to take care of his seed, water it, pull the weeds and wait. He never loses hope that the carrot will grow. At the end of the story, the carrot does grow, just like the little boy knew it would. I think this story is timeless because both children and adults can learn from this book. I think it’s wonderful to teach your child that you should never lose hope in something that you believe in. Learning concepts include working on narratives, answering “wh” questions, sequencing, literacy, inferencing, and understanding the meaning behind this meaningful story.


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