The Bear Report

The Bear Report written and illustrated by Thyra Heder is a magical story about a young girl and her quest with a polar bear. The story begins with a young girl named Sophie who is working on a book report about polar bears. On her assignment, she writes polar bears are “big”, “eat things” and “are mean.” At that moment, a polar bear appears in her living room and tells Sophie “we’re not all mean.” She is surprised and curious about this large polar bear standing in front of her. Why he is here? The polar bear, named Olafur takes Sophie on a beautiful journey to where he lives, how he eats and the beauty of his habitat. On their adventure, they hear whale music, see wildlife, experience glacier mouses and even take a nap together on an iceberg. How will they return back to Sophie’s home? Olafur and Sophie get the help of a whale who swims them back to safety. When Sophie returns home, she has many stories to tell about Olafur and has memories she will never forget.

I loved this book, The Bear Report because it is magical and describes the beauty of a habitat that most people never get to experience. The author, Thyra Heder describes her experience in Iceland and her inspiration for the story at the end of the book under the Author Note. After reading about her experience, the story holds even more meaning. Most children experience polar bears in zoos and never learn about their natural habitat. With this book, you can begin the discussion about natural habitats and the importance of our environment and taking care of our earth. To learn more about how global warming affects polar bears, check out this website Polar Bear International.

Do you want to check out more books by Thyra Heder? Check out her website here for a list of her others books and blog.

Are you a teacher? Check out these resources on Polar Bear International. These resources are wonderful and can help students learn all about polar bears including a bear tracker!

The Bear Report


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