The Apple Pie Tree

The-Apple-Pie-TreeThe Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall is a great book to read during the Fall season. It begins with two sisters discussing their favorite part of apple pie. Apples, of course!

The book takes the reader through the various steps that an apple tree goes through to grow apples. It also incorporates the seasons and what the apple tree looks like throughout the year.  This beautifully illustrated book is ideal for ages 4-8. .  With Thanksgiving coming up next month, use the recipe in the back to make apple pie.

Language Tips: Discuss and define new vocabulary words in the story. Some of the words that I discussed with my own children were the words “guard”, “buds”, and  “blossom”. Ask your child to tell you how the apple tree grows apples (targets sequencing) and have him/her describe what the apple tree looks like.  Review the seasons of the year and ask your child what their favorite season is.



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