That Is Not A Good Idea!

that is not a good ideaThat Is Not a Good Idea! by Mo Willems is a favorite book in my house. The book begins with a hungry fox who invites a plump goose to dinner. Throughout the entire story, the reader thinks the goose is in trouble, but in the end, it’s the fox who winds up in hot water. This funny and interactive book is ideal for ages preschool age up to 3rd grade. My younger son loved the illustrations, repetitive lines and funny storyline. My daughter loved reading the lines herself and playing the role of the plump goose. Perfect for story time, at the table or bedtime. I was even surprised at the end of the book when reading it for the first time. I love this book because of the clear and bright illustrations, funny storyline and unexpected ending.

Carryover Activities: This book is excellent to follow up with role play. One child can be the fox and the other child can be the hungry goose (or the child can play one character and the parent can play another character). You can have your child retell you the story and then draw a picture of their favorite part of the book. Ask questions and encourage conversation.  Get your child involved with this book by helping you read the lines and show lots of feeling through your voice when reading the book to show how the characters might feel.

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