Terrific Teddy’s Focus Friend

terrific teddy's focus friendDo you have a child with ADHD? Does your child fidget constantly? If so, you may want to consider a focus friend!

Terrific Teddy’s Focus Friend is about a young boy named Teddy who struggles to stay attentive to many tasks including schoolwork. Like many children with ADHD, Teddy states “I like running and swimming and video games. It’s easy for me to focus on fun things. It’s a lot harder for me to focus when it’s time for school work.” Teddy will often use pencils to play drums on his desk, make funny noises or spin his pencil on his desk. Teddy also finds homework to take him much longer than it should because it’s hard to stay attentive to specific tasks for extended periods of time. Mom decides one day to bring home a fidget toy for Teddy called a Focus Friend. His Focus Friend is “fidget toy” that Teddy “should hold in his hands to keep his fingers busy so his brain can concentrate.” Teddy finds that his Focus Friend works so well for him at home and during tutoring time that he decides to take it to school. His Focus Friend keeps his “hands busy in a good way”.

I love the Terrific Teddy series because Jim Forgan, PhD presents ADHD is a simple and accurate manner that both children and adults can understand. There are so many misconceptions about ADHD and with this series of Terrific Teddy books, children can understand what it’s like for a child with ADHD and struggles they encounter daily. I continue to meet adults that view a child with ADHD as not being able to focus on anything, which can’t be further from the truth. Although children with ADHD may take longer with their homework and require accommodations in school when needed, it’s the accomplishments that count, which is what Terrific Teddy achieves in all of his books.

Jim Forgan, PhD includes discussion questions in the end that you can use as a resource when reading this book to your child.

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focus friendAre you interested in buying your own focus friend? Buy it directly from the Terrific Teddy’s website here.





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