Terrific Teddy’s Excessive Energy

terrif teddy excessive energy
Do you have a child with ADHD? Terrific Teddy’s Excessive Energy by Jim Forgan, PhD is a story of young boy that struggles with his hyperactivity and inattentiveness. He has trouble sitting, zooms through the halls and constantly gets in trouble at school. This book is written from the perspective of Teddy who describes his challenges as “My head tells me to sit still. But my body doesn’t always listen. My head tell me to keep quiet. But my mouth doesn’t always listen”.

Other classmates tell him to “stop making noises” because it’s distracting. Teddy’s mother decides to go see a doctor regarding Teddy’s difficulties in school. Teddy is scared because he thinks he will need a shot when he gets to the doctor. When he arrives, Dr. Roger gives Teddy some tests and tells his parents that “Teddy has a rocket-powered brain with bicycle brakes”. Teddy feels good about having a “rocket powered brain” and uses the tools that Dr. Rogers recommends so that he can improve his focus in class and sit better. Some of the tools that Dr. Rogers suggests include getting more sleep, eating less junk food and having reminders for yourself. Other helpful accommodations at school include getting up when he feels wiggly, choosing to sit at the back table and standing up to work during specific tasks. Dr. Rogers also explains that “some kids take medicine to help them”.

Terrific Teddy’s Excessive Energy has an interesting ending. Jim Forgan, the author offers two options for the ending. One option is explaining to your child that they have ADHD with an description of the disorder, how to work through it, etc and the other optional ending describes how many successful and smart people have a hard time controlling their energy. This particular ending does not label the excessive energy as ADHD. I loved this idea of two optional endings because many young children with ADHD are not aware of their difficulties controlling their energy and body movements. From my perspective, it is up to us as parents to decide when our child is ready to hear a specific label that they need to live with and work through.

Dr. Jim Forgan is a licensed School Psychologist in Jupiter, Florida which is in Palm Beach County, Florida. Dr. Forgan has two children and he understands giftedness, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADD/ADHD from the parent and professional perspective. He specializes in helping parents help children.

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