Superflex, a Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum

superflex rock brainDoes your child like super heroes? Does your child need some help with their social skills and flexible thinking? Superflex, A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum is a “curriculum that can provide a teaching tool to help children learn about their social behavior and strategies on how to regulate it”.  A great precursor to this book is You are a Social Detective.

Superflex takes on Rock Brain and the Team of the Unthinkables begins with a description of how Social Town is in shambles due to the disappearance of Superflex, the town’s popular superhero.

When a boy named Aiden is playing with his dog outside, his dog miraculously catches the Superflex’s brain sensor. The brain sensor will help bring Social Thinking back to Social Town. The sensor will turn Aiden into Superflex making him a flexible thinker that can save Social Town and beat the Unthinkables. Also included in the beginning of the book is the cast of the Unthinkables. Each character is named after their inappropriate behavior (e.g. space invader who invades people’s personal space).

With Superflex takes on Rock Brain and the Team of the Unthinkables, your child will be so engaged in the story, they won’t even know they are working on using appropriate social skills. An excellent book for both children with special needs and typical needs.

Carryover Activities: The curriculum package includes a comprehensive workbook that includes worksheets, lessons and resources. Also included is a CD that you can print out handouts. For more information about social thinking, check out the Social Thinking website.


  1. […] The  Thinkables & Unthinkables Double Deck is an excellent teaching tool used for individuals who are learning about or have already been introduced to Superflex, the 14 original Unthinkables, and the newer characters, the Thinkables (first mentioned in the book, Social Town Citizens Discover 82 New Unthinkables for Superflex to Outsmart). To see my review of SuperFlex, click here.   […]

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