Space Boy

Space Boy by Leo Landry (ages 4 and up) is a very special book about a boy visiting the moon. I picked this book up at the library a couple of weeks ago and we have not been able to return it yet because my son absolutely loves it. My son is currently in a very intense space shuttle phase and this book has had quite an impact! The book begins with a very likable character named Nicholas who is getting ready for bed. Due to the various noises and distractions around him during bedtime, Nicholas decides to take a ride to the moon. He carefully gets dressed in his space suit, goes downstairs and very carefully packs his picnic meal for the moon. When he arrives on the moon via his space shuttle, the first thing he does is set up his blanket and have his meal. He enjoys every last bite! After his short visit to moon, he returns to his house and is happy to be home. This is a magical and sweet book to read during mealtime as well as bedtime. Focus on the sequencing of the story and encourage your child to discuss why Nicholas wanted to go to the moon. Ask your child “What snack would you bring to the moon?” , “What noises do you hear when you go to sleep?” and “How did Nicholas get to the moon?”. Discuss with your child what they would miss at home if they went to the moon and what they think the moon looks and feels like. There are new vocabulary words to learn such as “atmosphere” and “gravity” as well as various descriptive words (“silent”, “peaceful”, miniature”). Use fill in the blank sentences with your child. The moon feels ______ or I would bring ________ to the moon. Enjoy!


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