Song for a Whale

Song for A Whale

When I was first contacted about this book, Song For A Whale, I was immediately interested in reviewing the book. As a speech language pathologist, I felt connected to the topic of the book, which is about communication and the feeling of belonging. My clients, who have complex communication needs struggle to communicate with others and find themselves feeling often isolated. My job is as a SLP is to help find and train them in a universal language that everyone can understand. 

About The Book

The book introduces readers to a 12 year old girl named Iris. Iris is deaf and uses sign language to communicate with others and often feels isolated because many people do not understand or use sign language. She also discusses how her own father does not use fluent sign language which impacts their relationship. Iris often feels that teachers and peers are condescending to her and do not believe in her intelligence because she is deaf. This cannot be farther from the truth! Iris is a genius at electronics and a whiz at fixing things. One day in science class, she sees a video of a whale named Blue 55 who cannot communicate with other whales because he sings a different song. Iris immediately connects with the whale and strives to find a way to help Blue 55. 

Why is this a book a must read?

Song for A Whale was a book that I looked forward to reading every night. The main character, Iris is a strong and determined young girl who learns many different things about herself and her world when on her journey to finding Blue 55. This book is not just about a whale, it is so much more! When reading this book, the reader will learn about the deaf community, painful losses that Iris experiences, but also gains in both new friendship and newly connected relationships. It’s a beautiful story that should not be missed for both children and adults. 

Whale Song

After reading this book, you will want to listen to the difference in song of Blue 55 and other whales. Check out the songs here on Lynne’s website.

About Lynne Kelly

Another aspect that drew me to this story was the author, Lynne Kelly. Lynne Kelly is a sign language interpreter and an award winning author. In addition to Song for A Whale, she is also the author of the book, Chained, which is a story about elephants. Being an animal lover myself, I love how Lynne creates beautiful stories about human relationship with animals. To learn more about Lynne Kelly, check out her website here.

Song for a Whale

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