Social Thinking and Me: Thinksheets and a Kids Guidebook

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Social Thinking and Me Two Book SetSocial Thinking and Me is a two book set written by Linda K. Murphy and Michelle Garcia Winner that helps introduce older elementary and middle school students to Social Thinking. Whether you are just beginning to learn about Social Thinking or have been exposed to it for many years, this resource is invaluable for older students with social cognitive delays and deficits. Individuals with diagnoses such as Autism, ADHD, Aspergers and any other varying disorders that can affect a child’s social skills, can benefit from Social Thinking.

Book 1, Social Thinking and Me Kids’ Guidebook for Social Emotional Learning, contains 11 chapters written specifically for kids with illustrations to help engage the student in the material. This guidebook can help a student with social cognitive difficulties navigate through various social situations. It also helps explain the concepts using realistic social situations, age appropriate pictures, and shares ideas and strategies to encourage problem solving and discussions that can help students use Social Thinking to improve their social skills with others.


Chapters cover Social Thinking concepts including:
What is Social Thinking
Social Thinking = Flexible Thinking
We All Have Feelings
Thinking With Your Eyes
Thinking About the Hidden Rules and Expected Behavior
Keeping my Body, Eyes, Ears, and Brain in the Group
Thinking of Others vs Just Me
How Big is My Problem?
Thinking About My Reaction Size
Doing An Activity or Just Hanging Out

At the end of each chapter, there is a recap to the chapter which I find very helpful and corresponding Thinksheets in Book 2.

Social Thinking and Me Thinksheets
What is a Thinksheet? They are mini lesson plans that help a student navigate specific situations within their social world.  What I liked best about these thinksheets is that they were varied and covered a variety of contexts including the community, home, school, etc. We need to have social smarts wherever we go!

Topics include:
An introduction to Social Thinking
Why it’s important in helping children learn to think about and navigate social situations
The social-academic connection
How to teach the concepts and chapters
A glossary of the Social Thinking Vocabulary
Letter to parents/caregivers that educators can use

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