Shark Lady

Shark Lady by Jess Keating is an inspirational picture book about the life and accomplishments of Eugenie Clark. The author takes you through Eugenie’s childhood and her early passion for sharks. As she grew older, many people discouraged her from being a scientist because she was a woman. She often got pressure to be a secretary or a housewife because others felt a woman couldn’t be a scientist. Eugenie didn’t listen to anyone that would discourage her from her dream of working with sharks. She persevered and despite all of the people who didn’t believe in her, she became one of the smartest students in her field.

Throughout her career, her passion intensified and she became the first scientist to discover three new species of fish. During one expedition, Eugenie dispelled the myth that sharks must keep moving to stay alive. Another myth she wanted to eliminate was that sharks were mindless killers who were “stupid and mean”. She became the first scientist to train sharks to remember their training for at least two months after and was an advocate in conservation. At the end of the book, the author gives a visual timeline for the readers, which helps understand all of Eugenie’s accomplishments and her life span. Shark Lady is a beautifully illustrated books that can help not only educate a child about sharks but inspire girls to never give up and follow their passion. After reading this book with your child, both you and your child will learn about the fearless scientist, Eugenie Clark.

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Are you a teacher? Are you looking for a carryover worksheet to use with this book? Check out this worksheet below that I created using Smarty Symbols and the border by Clipart Factory. 



Shark Lady Worksheet

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